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    spools for NC700x

    I agree...I was hoping someone more mechanically inclined could point me in the right direction :)
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    spools for NC700x

    Hoping you guys are still monitoring this you think these at Amazon would fit/work? It is hard to go wrong with the price.
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    Motorcyclist are 23% better behind the wheel of a car

    I thought this was an interesting study. Clearly, we recognize this as a general trend, but nice to see some hard data behind it. Now, if the insurance industry would agree and when you have a motorcycle policy they actually would give you a discount on your car insurance because of it :D...
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    Soft tail bags and panniers

    I have the same tail bag as the OP...but I pop my pillion seat and hook the bungees together under it and then close the seat. Works great for me so far.
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    Kijima Engine Guard (from Web!ke)

    I want to see that pic with the photographer back about 10 actually looks a lot better than I thought it would closeup...I want to see the overall aesthetics of the design. It looks like it would make a great mounting point for a GoPro as well :)
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    Hypermiling the Blue Ridge Parkway - 94.6 MPG !!!

    I haven't had my bike for long, only 2 fill-ups, but I'm thinking the gear I ride drastically affects my MPG. I have a tight fitting Scorpion jacket and EXO400 helmet that I had from a previous bike...used it for the first fuelly fillup...then bought a Fly Patrol jacket and Trekker II helmet...
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    Make the best "How to" posts for each category stickys?

    I think it is a great idea...I would love them to also be shortened to include only relevant info (as opposed to the 'Great idea' responses). I keep trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my seat...and have to read a lot of fluff before I find some meat.
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    Comment by 'helix_rider' in media 'NCX'

    Great style on the odd angles, IMO. What lens/camera were you using?
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    Zero Gravity Windscreen

    Please do post back with both pictures and a review when/if anyone purchases this. I had a Zero Gravity Sport Tourer on my GS500F...Loved the look and the tinting, and had really high hopes for performance, but all it did was push the majority of the wind from my mid-chest to my head. It...
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    Repaint silver plastics to matte black

    I would buy the yellow over my silver 80% of the that look.
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    Local Honda has a Red one and a 2012 Silver one

    I just got my new 2012 Silver for $6000 out the door (not including taxes). Don't pay $7000...they want to see it go as the 13s are coming in and Honda will give at least $500 to help the dealer out (as I had to sign an official Honda factory slip after I made the deal). Look at the bikes on...
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    New member welcome thread..

    Hi all, greetings from Chattanooga, TN. I traded in my first bike today, an '09 GS500F which was a wonderful starter bike. I will pick up my 2012 NC700X tomorrow...very excited for the new adventures I will have extending my range with this new ride.