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    Luxury Motorcycle ‘Novus One’ Pre-Orders Now Open

    Another toy for the super rich. who cares.
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    How Low Can You Go: Bad Land’s ‘Hades’ Chopper

    I thought this fad was over. Guess not.
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    Chain Slack

    "Own nothing (rent everything)" I agree on this point, this trend has been increasing over the years in a lot of products and services. It is discouraging to know that everything that is subscription based is just to pump you for money forever. It is too easy to get caught up in this, and to see...
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    NC750X manual Power thoughts

    I also have the Avon Trailriders, I love them, they are an excellent tire.
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    Light bars and LED lighting. What does yours look like?

    Well, you've convinced me. I've been eyeing these for awhile, I believe now I have no apprehension to pull the trigger on these. I think your comment about seeing them from the side is what put me over the edge, that's important. Thank you for your assessment.
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    vesrah brake pad failure

    +1 on the EBC's, I put them on all my bikes.
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    Radiator guard

    I understand the statistics, but like I said, I'm glad I had it at the time. Very cheap insurance compared to a new radiator. To each his own. This dent in the guard was a direct shot, it did not come up from the wheel. It's like an eighth of an inch deep in the guard, pretty good hit. I will...
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    Radiator guard

    A few weeks after installing mine, I have a dent in the guard that would have absolutely resulted in a radiator replacement. So here is your report of the effectiveness of radiator protection. I am glad I had the radiator guard on there when this debris struck. I hope you don't get caught out...
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    Check Out Indian’s New 2021 Chieftain Elite (Celebrating 120 Years Of Greatness)

    I'm sorry, I don't think any motorcycle is worth $35,000. And Indian has not really been around for 120 years.
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    Dead Battery

    If I go on long trips, I always carry one of these just in case.
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    300,000 km on NC700X

    Is that with the stock suspension? Man, it's getting a workout!
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    Welcome to the forum. If you're not looking for used ones, this should get you started. ouch, Just noticed, they are not cheap! There might be someone on here who has some laying around.
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    No spark

    So did they find the problem?
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    nc750x EBC HH front pads replacement question

    I did not use the metal shim when I put the EBC pads on mine. Have not had any issues.
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    Water dripping from middle of tailpipe on start up.

    Condensation, no worries.