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    Love these puppies

    I have the grip puppies on 2 of my bikes. Maybe I'll try these next time. I used air to put mine on. (air compressor)
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    So I did a thing. Not a big thing. Move along to next post.

    Nice! I like the shadow effect, it gives it some depth.
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    Custom Eye Candy: A Turbocharged Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 for the Banks

    Might want to look into upgrading those brakes.
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    Slow bike fast

    The guy on the CBR has to worry about raising his front end and flipping over, the harley guy has no such worry.
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    The 2020 Manual NC's left hand control frustration

    Where I'm at the turn signals must be a very expensive option, Or so it seems. It makes life very hard if turn signals are a pet peeve! Seems like I'm always pissed off.
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    Tyre mileage on nc750

    I very much agree with your thoughts on Dunlop motorcycle tires. I've once had a brand new bike with dunlop tires, where the handling was so inconsistent I thought something was wrong with the bike. I hated that motorcycle because of it, and considered selling it. When I changed the tires to a...
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    EICMA 2021: Honda Hornet Concept Motorcycle Revealed

    I read in another article the new Hornet is supposed to be a parallel twin. The bike in that picture is not a twin.
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    Question 112 or 114 length for replacement (520 pitch) chain for my 2016 NC700XD (DCT)?

    Got mine from here with sprockets. https://sprocketcenter.com/i-30499930-520-chain-kit-jt-brand-steel-sprockets-with-your-choice-of-xring-chain-honda-nc-750-dct-models.html
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    2021 NC750x up for Motorcycle of the Year award?

    Yeah, it's funny, seems like every time I ride my CB650r, the Harley guys try to show me how "fast" their bikes are. I usually humor them, but they don't get the outcome they are expecting.
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    Luxury Motorcycle ‘Novus One’ Pre-Orders Now Open

    Another toy for the super rich. who cares.
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    How Low Can You Go: Bad Land’s ‘Hades’ Chopper

    I thought this fad was over. Guess not.
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    Chain Slack

    "Own nothing (rent everything)" I agree on this point, this trend has been increasing over the years in a lot of products and services. It is discouraging to know that everything that is subscription based is just to pump you for money forever. It is too easy to get caught up in this, and to see...
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    NC750X manual Power thoughts

    I also have the Avon Trailriders, I love them, they are an excellent tire.
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    vesrah brake pad failure

    +1 on the EBC's, I put them on all my bikes.
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    Radiator guard

    I understand the statistics, but like I said, I'm glad I had it at the time. Very cheap insurance compared to a new radiator. To each his own. This dent in the guard was a direct shot, it did not come up from the wheel. It's like an eighth of an inch deep in the guard, pretty good hit. I will...