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    Whats the best accessory that you have added to your NC? What do you use the most?

    With Tutoro Oiler on my NC put 35,000 miles on a DiD chain. If your method achieves that then no value to oiler.
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    Heated Vest: Cigarette-Lighter Adapter vs. Re-chargeable

    First DONT PLUG INTO CIGARETTE ADAPTER. Standard NC700 adapter has 1 amp files which can’t even run some phone chargers. Heated gear probably needs a 1O or 15 amp fuse. Battery life limited so ok for half day rides then plug in to charge. I love my Gerbing jacket and gloves wired direct to...
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Don’t get that side of river much when we’re in Chattanooga but may have to get over there for a burger.
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    Top loading possible on Givi Trekker side cases?

    I like mine. I like ability to easily remove and use like suitcase in tent or hotel. I also like being able to access some things while on bike. Not everything can be taken out too while on bike but not an issue for me.
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    Need Help Chain adjustment fluctuation

    Sounds good with knowing how much to add. I was unaware of someone determining the adder. Much easier to do.
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    Need Help Chain adjustment fluctuation

    Chain slack is to be checked on side stand. It will have different slack on center stand with no compression of rear shock. Doesn’t answer variation question though. Listen to 670 on variation.
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    Honda Announces the 2021 Forza 750 For Europe

    Are they still making the scooter version of NC?
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    What's Your Most Incredible Motorcycle Experience?

    Rode it last year as well. What scared me was unexpected blast of air from ventilation fans and strong enough to move bike sideways. Only rode one way as we took ferry to Valdez.
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    Close call today, countersteering and leaning still freaks me out.

    Lots of suggestions here. Bottom line for your safety and the safety of others you need to stay out of traffic until you figure it out. Even if you have to trailer your bike to get there find someplace safe to practice. Get more instruction if needed
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    Need Help DCT Error Code 52 and DCT Error Code 57 at 28,000 miles with ants

    Like davidc83 said, if you have ants squished between an electrical contact point insulating it, only way to fix is open it up and clean contacts.
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    Need Help DCT Error Code 52 and DCT Error Code 57 at 28,000 miles with ants

    It is common for ants to get into electrical gear and cause problems. On my well pump I occasionally have to clean them off the pressure switch contacts for the pump to work.
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    Can-Am Is Successfully Attracting Younger Riders and Continues to Expand in 2021

    Can-Am has advertised their trikes and has growing sales that bring in new riders. Can’t think of any other motorcycles I have seen advertised other than in motorcycle publications.
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    First Gear Kilimanjaro 46 waist pants

    I’m interested in jacket.
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    Seen in the wild

    Saturday passed a red one on Blueridge Parkway. I was headed southwest towards Maggie Valley and he was going other way. I was alone on my Versys. Sunday had a red one pull out behind me on 28 headed north. I had MikeLM15 on his red Honda Forza behind me. A few miles up he and another bike were...
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    Alright lets vote! Not political lol!

    If only one thing then heated grips. I can layer up my torso and put foot warmers inside boots but can’t get truly warm gloves and still comfortably work controls. They will get used more than you think. Caught in rain turn on grips. Wearing light gloves on cool fall day turn on grips. Always...