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    Fork Oil leak

    I guess my thinking was, and tell me if you think I am wrong. That since I would have to pull the forks apart to install the new components and change the oil, it just made sense to install new seals at the same time. They have 20k miles on them and the bike is 9 years old.
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    Fork Oil leak

    OK I'm going to order some new seals, has anyone ever used these All Balls Racing seals? Also, I read on some other suspension threads and in the Cogent Dynamics instructions to use a thinner oil with the DDC kit. Is the Honda Pro Fork Oil the right stuff to use? It says it is 5w but I know...
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    Tail bag

    Fair enough. I suspect it probably has to do with windshield aerodynamics. My setup no wind really goes over the funk lid. Even when I've gone 90+ for hours in the midwest no movement. I also overstuff mine all the time and ride with it a several-inch gap. In fact I have been unable to lock...
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    Fork Oil leak

    I washed the bike today and took it for a short ride to heat it up and see what happened. I inspected the underneath, no sign the rear shock leaked or anywhere oil might leak. ill check under the covers tomorrow but I didnt see any sign of a leak or build-up of chain lube. When I got home no...
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    Fork Oil leak

    I noticed this morning that the rear fender and underneath the tail had a thin black oil sprayed across it as if it was flicked up from the tire. I checked the underside and chain and couldn't find any evidence of a leak. then I noticed what looked like the fork oil leaking and the front break...
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    New Signals

    looks interesting. I've been looking to change my fronts, who makes them?
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    Swingarm replacement

    I made the switch written about in the thread Dave linked. Ive had zero issues and have been riding with it for several years. If you make the switch make sure to get the axle and chainguard with it. If you want a rear fender you have to make sure it is for the specific model and year of the...
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    21/22 Colors

    I had that same problem back when I bought mine couldnt get black or white. While I do love the white ones Ive been very happy with my red.
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    Good Tires for Street Riding

    I love my Pirelli Angel GT 2s also put well over the average miles on a set of older GTs. I don't get to push them in the twisties as much the last couple of years but they do really well in the winter weather and rain too so I'm happy.
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    I mixed the wrong coolant

    Agreed I use Honda Type 2 from the dealership and is much cheaper than Engine Ice. I was just checking to see how accurate the statement of "does Not have antifreeze characteristics" was.
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    I mixed the wrong coolant

    I checked the website because I had never heard that but here is what I found. Engine Ice is a propylene glycol-based antifreeze and coolant. It provides boil-over protection to 254F and freeze protection to -7F. Engine Ice uses propylene glycol as the base because of its performance and...
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    Question No swingarm spool threads? Come on Honda.

    It has been a few years since I was able to take any long trips but the trips I have taken didn't need any special maintenance. I live in the city and most of my trips are in the 300-mile range for the last couple of years. I've been lucky with flats only once but I don't need a stand to...
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    Question No swingarm spool threads? Come on Honda.

    I don't like center stands on my bikes so I'm glad it didn't come with one. I just use the paddle-style stand. I agree though I feel like spool holes shouldn't be that hard to include. I'd pick up the T-rex ones if I didn't do the swingarm swap instead.
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    Motorcycle tour with surfboard or kayak

    Mostly because of the muffler. It doesn't touch it but I figured it wasn't worth taking the chance the heat would delaminate the board over time. Also, I can grab the board with my left hand if I need to and still control the throttle.
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    2021 NC750xd Touch Up Paint - Grand Prix Red R380

    I did colorrite when I painted my rear fender and it wasn't even close to the 2012 color red. I ended up doing a combination of the paint they sent with some off the shelf red and got pretty close.