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    GIVI Canyon soft Panniers

    Yes, you need the GIVI racks. I've since sold my NC700. I had both hard and soft bags for different purposes. The rack went with the hard cases.
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    GIVI Canyon soft Panniers

    These are the 35L bags. Only used on one short trip. They have a mounting plate that allows the removal of the panniers at the motel or camp sight with a key. $250 plus shipping...
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    Seat (sold), Shop Manual

    I have a front seat for a nc700x. This came off of a 14, but I think it will fit all the 700's. You can use it to experiment with padding. $50.00 plus shipping. PM if interested. I also have a shop manual. Says its for a 2012, but I think its also good for the 700's. I used it for my 2014...
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    Maybe Done With My NC700x

    I sold my NC and am currently riding a Royal Enfield Himalayan. It's one of the shorter ADV style bikes and I have lowering links I may try. I have a 28" inseam. When I started riding again back in 2010 after a 35 year absence I had a '95 Nighthawk 750. Great bike for me. If it had antilock...
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    Givi Pannier Racks PL1111

    Giving this a bump. Still have the top case rack and plate. I have a flashing brake light attached to the plate. Includes attachment hardware.
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    2000 Kawasaki Super Sherpa

    There was a great thread on the ADV forum by jdowns where he took a super sherpa to Central America. I've wanted one ever since.
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    Beginner just test rode 3 bikes today, turning questions on the NC

    So many things make a difference. I currently have two motorcycles, if I go directly from one to the other, I can hardly ride whichever bike was second. I once had a 750 Honda Nighthawk and a DR650. If I went from the DR to the nighthawk, I would almost crash the Nighthawk.
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    Givi Pannier Racks PL1111

    Givi racks off of my 2014 700x. $100. PL1111. SOLD Givi top case rack and plate $75. 1111FZ. Sold Plus shipping. Located in NC.
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    First long ride

    great post...keep it up.
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    Philly Area Rider

    I really the the red 750's. I think they are gorgeous. Wish I didn't have so much invested in my 700, I'd trade up.
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    KSL 2021

    Just heard that Kickstand Motorcycle Lodge will open in May, they will start taking calls in April. I went up to KSL seven years in a row for some May riding, but missed the last few for health/Covid. I hope to make it this year. We usually gather around the weekend prior to the Memorial...
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    Royal Enfield Himalayan Comes In a Decked-Out Adventure Variant

    I already had a set of GIVI panniers for my NC700, so I ordered GIVI racks when I purchased by Himalayan and switch the panniers back and forth. Added crash bars and brush guards, voila
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    Oxford Heated Grip Failure

    Never had trouble with Oxfords and I've installed them on three different motorcycles. Sounds like a broken or disconnected wire someplace.
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    "Ratcheting" sound in chain after new rear tire mounting

    There is a you tube video for everything, find one for chain alignment. You also might invest in a laser chain alignment tool. Available at most online motorcycle accessory sites. Bike Bandit, Revzilla etc.
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    Need Help Rear Shock

    I've done Cogent on two motorcycles including my 700xdct, fine folks to work with and happy with the results. I had them rework the shock on my DR650 and replaced the shock on my NC700. Used their valves on the forks too.