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    "Ratcheting" sound in chain after new rear tire mounting

    RubyRider - the adjusters can pull the axle back which tightens slack but loosening the adjuster nuts will not cause the axle to move forward. For that task, I use a dead blow hammer and hit the axle ends on each side. As regards chain alignment, I've found the increments on the adjuster...
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    Honda’s New 2021 CMX1100 Rebel is Africa Twin Powered

    That same engine & transmission is also used in Honda's biggest side-by-side.
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    Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift as parking space...

    Yes, I too use the HF lift as a "parking space" for one of my bikes. There is no harm to the lift's hydraulic system because with the lift is all the way down there is no pressure on the hydraulic lift cylinder and lift height is fixed solely by metal-to-metal contact.
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    Testing the fan

    If I recall correctly, the radiator fan motor has 12V all the time when the engine is running. When the cooling system thermosensor detects high coolant temperature, it grounds the circuit and the fan comes ON.
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    Need Help Front caliper locked up after mounting new wheels

    Ruby Rider: Just out of curiosity, did you remove some of the fluid from the reservoir before you fitted the new pads?
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    Need Help Front caliper locked up after mounting new wheels

    The brake caliper has two seals. The outer one can be seen when you remove the pads and it's usually called the dust seal. The inner one which is not normally visible is the piston seal and it holds hydraulic pressure. That inner seal is an O-ring that is square in cross section, not round...
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    Yamaha Just Killed the R6

    dduelin - you hit the nail on the head! Astronomical insurance premiums drove the ultra-fast sport bikes into the cellar and those insurance costs were especially bad for young men under 25.
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    Yamaha Just Killed the R6

    I wouldn't say they were "killed" because models often drop off a manufacturer's offering for a year or two then sometimes come back. My guess is that they have plenty of those deleted models in crates so why continue to make even more?
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    Rounded off oil drain plug bolt, anyone know where I can get new one?

    One suggestion I have is to only use 6-point sockets on important nut/bolts. Years ago when the most popular sizes of my 12-point socket set wore out, I bought a 6-point set and it has served me well.
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    Hitch Mounted Carrier

    I seem to recall that most trailers apply 200 lbs or less to the hitch in downward force. My guess is that if a trailer applied 1000 lbs of downforce on the hitch, it would make the tow vehicle handle unsafely. The payload rating of the truck assumes that the weight is distributed evenly...
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    Hitch Mounted Carrier

    At least to me, putting that much dead weight on the trailer hitch receiver is not a good idea. Get a lightweight trailer.
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    2021 NC750x overview. Lower weight, new plastic, new dash display

    My guess is that suspension travel was reduced to lower seat height. The reduced travel would put the 2021 model's suspension travel close to the old NC700S which never came to the states. If most of your riding is on-road, I don't think the shorter travel would be noticable. Riding at speed...
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    Top loading possible on Givi Trekker side cases?

    I have the Givi 33 ltr hard bags. Just opening the split top doesn't provide room to remove/load large items. I often use it to get different gloves or remove my Frogg Togg jacket. If it's something larger you can also open the rest of the lid.
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    Looking for a winter windscreen

    Like many on this page, I've tried different windshields. The NC is a "naked bike" with terrible airflow around the front so don't expect too much.
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    2021 NC750x overview. Lower weight, new plastic, new dash display

    Bikemiser: if you punch Kaoko Throttle lock into Search a lot of retailers should pop-up. I seem to recall it was in the $120-$150 dollar range.