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    2015: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    ^^^^ Big respect Bama'..
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    I would not change my nc750x for tiger XCx

    I'd find it annoying too if I rode a bike with a constant high pitched "whistle". Only way to hide it is to buy a loud aftermarket can.
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    2015: NC photos galore

    This month's Goodwood 'Breakfast Club' on 2nd August was themed 'Thoroughbred Sunday' - basically anything old and classic, although some cars displaying were a bit questionable. Still, a great morning out as usual. A pic of the X ready to go plus, as usual, a few car pics for our members...
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    How about a game of NC tag? Its a lot of fun!

    Sorry, but couldn't resist posting this pic considering the tag. Not my pic, not my bike but a highly amusing (to me anyway) town name in the UK. I'll get my coat - please continue the thread without me....!
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    Honda Service Cost?

    That equates to about GBP £85.00 so I'd say that's a good price.
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    Smaller Front Directionals

    Got these on mine - they are no less noticeable when flashing than the standard big 'n' blobby indies and look a whole lot better. These pics were not taken specifically for the indies, but hopefully you get the idea.
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    Almost debt free!!!! $1000

    The interest that our ISAs pay...! OK, not a lot, but better than nowt....
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    Almost debt free!!!! $1000

    I decided to buy my 750X with Honda finance with monthly payments because it was an interest free deal at the time. Allowing for my part ex and small deposit, I borrowed around £4200, which is exactly the amount I will have paid back at the end of the term. Why take money out of savings that is...
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    Inexpensive bike, what has it REALLY cost ya?

    I have no need for luggage, tall windshields and all that sort of touring stuff. My X is farkled with the sort of bits that are a 'must have' for any bike I own and are just down to personal taste and preference. In this case, an aftermarket can (usually Arrow or Akra' but an IXIL this time)...
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    Frunk key my mod

    Not if it's just the basic key, without the transponder in the fob.
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    How about a game of NC tag? Its a lot of fun!

    So, leisure/vacation park then? How about we expand it to theme parks, as they can be counted as a leisure facility. Busch Gardens, Seaworld, Discovery Cove, Disney, Universal - you guys in FL are spoilt for choice!
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    changing air filter little bit complicated...

    Cheers, I agree. Those pieces just seemed to appear from underneath the top cover. Given the importance of correctly refitting them, and if they go back in reverse order to what we see in the video, it can't be a job done 'blind' surely....
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    How about a game of NC tag? Its a lot of fun!

    OK, old aircraft tag - G-AOXL, a DH114 Heron which is now a 'gate guardian' at Croydon Airport. On 30 September 1959 this aircraft operated the last passenger flight from the airport before it was finally closed. New tag....? How about outside/inside some form of holiday or leisure park...
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    changing air filter little bit complicated...

    I can't imagine everything going back straight if I did that...! Good instructional video, although not 100% clear in all places - what two pieces did he remove at 1.41? Seemed to be trim or infill packing. Respect to him though, stopping at the side of the road to do it!
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    No space in garage.... outside it goes??

    Why not leave one car outside?