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    Lithium Battery?

    no issues at all. like it was made for the bike.
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    Riding like your invisibe... New Meaning

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    Check Engine light

    I'll check the flash codes. I didn't know how to do that. Thanks for the heads-up. A couple months ago, I drained my battery by accident and it hasn't been the same since so that sounds like it might be the thing. The bike runs and sounds completely normal. I also haven't run the bike for more...
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    Check Engine light

    Hi All My Check Engine light came on during my commute this morning. What are the most common causes for this? There can't be that many sensors on this engine? Regards Dan
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    Anyone running Heidenau K60 scout tires?

    Just on the rear. Its been great. I've gone through two fronts and there is lots left on the rear... Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
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    Mount/holder for a large phone (Nexus 6P)

    I went cheap and got this one for my LG G5... Universal-Motorcycle-Handlebar-Motorola-Revolution I like it a lot! Dan
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    Lithium Battery? YTZ14S Z14S Lithium Ion Sealed Battery 12V - 300 CCA HONDA VT750C, C2, C2B, RS Shadow, VT750DC, A, B Shadow Spirit: Automotive I actually bought it about a year ago the first time my battery died without warning. I actually replaced it a month or so ago when the factory battery...
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    Lithium Battery?

    I just installed one in my bike the other day. The factory battery gave up the ghost so I did something brave,
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    College Girl

    Welcome from Washington. I like your Dad's style. There is a tremendous possibility that my daughter will have a very similar story to tell. She is 11 now, rides with me whenever she can, and can't wait to get her own bike when she turns 16. Dan
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    Bolt on the left side.

    preferably not my toothbrush either...
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    replacing OEM footpeg

    I've replaced mine with aftermarket pegs too. Don't pay $78.00 plus shipping. I'll figure out where I got mine and update this post later.
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    Sticky Key

    I used a tiny squirt of Pyroil Silicon based lubricant. Better than new, instantly.
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    Is there a 12 step program for "farkling?"

    maybe the best post ever....
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    Sticky Key

    I went to start my bike after work yesterday and my key wouldn't work. After a bit if wiggling and jiggling, I was able to get the key to turn and start the bike. I went home and tried my spare key in the ignition and it was a little easier to get seated so it would turn but not a smooth...
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    Two up riding?

    I ride with my kids quite a bit. Upgrading the pillion was a big help but the bike handles fine. My kids are adult sized. No real problems though I have been in weather where had I a passenger, I would have pulled over and waited it out instead of pushing through.