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    Traction Control

    I normally just leave the traction control at its default setting when riding on pavement. I don't think I've ever noticed it kick in there but I'm a pretty conservatives rider (and we're in a drought so I can't try it in the rain). I suspect that in marginal traction conditions on pavement...
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    Random thoughts / pics thread

    I DO envy your set-up!
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    Hotwired brand heated jacket

    I've got one of the "Venture Heat" heated jacket liners that was discussed as a virtual clone of your coat upthread. I'd certainly agree with that take on it ... EXCEPT mine came with a battery-powered wireless bluetooth remote that looks like and mimics the controller that hangs down from your...
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Hey, those look pretty nice - source?
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    The local foliage’s fall colors are, umm, unimpressive at best but there’s a possibility of some spectacular aspen leaves further north. I’m off to do a little leaf peeping. So once again over the Mingus Mountains and across the Verde River valley to Sedona, then up the remarkable twisting...
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    Denali DRL LED auxiliary light issue

    Powered from the accessory relay/fuse, I've got 12V power and ground to - an SAE plug at the handlebars which in turn powers a 12V -> 5V converter for my phone/gps a relay which senses Hi-beam & momentarily turns on a garage door opener a voltmeter/thermometer mounted below the instrument panel...
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    Denali DRL LED auxiliary light issue

    If all you want is to just power up a set of aux lights when the ignition switch is on (which is when the headlight comes on too), it's probably best to just install an auxiliary relay and subharness and pick up a 12V+ and ground wire from the subharness. Take this 12V+ and ground to your...
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    Denali DRL LED auxiliary light issue

    Here's an auxiliary lighting wiring setup for NC's with LED headlights (2018 and later model year) that might help:
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    It’s an excellent time of year for riding here in the central highlands of Arizona – cool mornings and warmish afternoons and still a goodly amount of daylight too. So ... 2 days, 2 rides. Day 1 was a day-long ride up onto the Colorado Plateau and into the nation’s (& therefore the world’s)...
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    Alright lets vote! Not political lol!

    A good question, one I hadn't really thought much about. When I'm on a multi-day trip thru cold country, I always bring along something warm to wear when I'm off the bike, so there's that. And if you plan on refueling every, say, 200 miles, you're at most 100 miles from some form of...
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    Question Center stand for NC750X

    I've had to do this on another bike - it's not a big deal. Take the center stand to a (good) welder and have them shorten the stand legs by 1 inch. Reinstall the center stand and lift with ease!
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    Shift lever adjustment

    Yep, ideally, you'd like to see both crank arms parallel (and of the same length) so that any degree of rotation by one arm is exactly matched by the same rotation on the other. And resetting the tranny bell crank by one spline would, indeed, throw this relationship off a bit. For that matter...
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    Shift lever adjustment

    I don't have a manual shift so this is just an educated guess ... Often these kind of linkages have a right-hand thread on one end of the linkage bar and a left-handed thread on the other. If that's the case here, you can loosen both locking nuts (one is lefty-loosey, the other righty-loosey)...
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    How hard is it to replace the levers?

    I'd put zero faith in Ebay's blanket statement that any item for sale there fits any specific bike. A detailed post by the seller may well be more specific and reliable. But good luck how ever you play it.
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    Riding attire?

    I’m in kind of an unusual situation in that I sometimes need to deal with wide variations in temperature. In winter, it’s not that uncommon for me to leave the house (elev 5300 ft) in the morn with temps in the mid-30’s then ride down the hill to the low desert. By mid-day and 3000 to 4000 feet...