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    DCT In Review

    I ghost shifted once ....hehehe I do 500 mile days...and I love it....
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    Weiser LED Turn Signal Review

    $85 per light times four WOW......
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    Getting Frustrated with Seat and Windshield Issues

    MadStad.. No air at all in mid section A tiny bit at very top of helmet but no buffeting A lot of air just outside the body on both sides...but very the clear zone...
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    Biketoberfest Friday

    Got my hands full Friday...maybe going to stay over..? 321-543-4188
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    texas iron butt rally on nc700 sept 30

    Go Go Go... Funny thing ...I'm riding 900+ miles in two weeks and my wife thinks I could only do it on my goldwing... I will be riding a CTX700 DCT ABS w/Fairing....(Sold off the goldwing to get the CTX)
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    CTX700 Hornet RT reverse trike conversion

    Lookee Lookee at our little girl centerfold Wingworld and opening page mototrike If they can do it to a CTX they can do it to an NC Look what they did to our girl in the centerfold of this month's "WingWorld" and the opening photo page of A commercially made...
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    Low frequency vibration?

    What you're describing is designed into the bike...if it really gets to bothering you Switch to "S" mode Switch to Manual Switch down to 5th gear Complain endlessly like alot of people do Sell the bike Enjoy the slight rumble until the rpm's get above it...LOL Honda Worldwide | Global...
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    How the NC stacks up against the Africa twin.

    Well if the factory just went back in business 22 Aug..then it won't be long..but for those tired of waiting...there is a brand new one on the showroom floor in Melbourne Florida...maybe someone will fly down for Disney/Universal/Seaworld...and ride it back home...Honda Africa DCT...