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    Free windshield

    I have a calsci tall windshield off of a (2014 i think that's the right year)free to anyone who would care to pick it up in laporte, Indiana.
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    Free windshield

    I have a calsci tall windshield if I remember the year correctly 2014 Honda nc700. Free to who might want to pick it up in laporte, Indiana.
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    Going to install Vololights

    Have you seen this warning light in action? Looks very interesting to me!
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    GPS mounting above instr cluster

    A Palmer bracket under your existing windscreen will make it adjustable and give you the bar mount your looking for.
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    2016 Wire-Wheel Adventure Shootout

    I do believe there will be an africa twin in my future!!
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    Sargent Seat, Pre-Registering NC700X for Seat Development

    It doesn't get any better then a Russell Day Long !!!!
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    What GPS do you use ?

    I have the Palmer bracket and mounting bar already, I agree both are very useful!
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    African Twin

    My local dealer says 1st of april for delivery, also told me he will order a manual and dct, I am anxious to test ride!
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    What GPS do you use ?

    Best GPS? I am looking for information and recomendations as to the best GPS to purchase? Any help will be appreciated!
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    Exhaust slip on`

    Will they clear Givi v35 sidecases?
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    Need Help With Corbin Ride-In Service

    If memory serves me correctly I think it was about a 6 to 8 month ordeal. I really think it was one of, if not the worst custmer service situations i have ever had!!!
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    Need Help With Corbin Ride-In Service

    After a very long and frustrating ordeal trying to get Corbin to take care of the many issues I had with the seat I purchased, I finally gave up and returned it for a refund. Then purchased a russell day long. I could not be happier
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    Madstad installed and working well!!

    If you like your windscreen you have now but would like to be able to adjust it you might try a palmer bracket. I use one on a vstream myself, but I think it would make any sreen better.
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    Best seat fix, what say ye?/How are Shad owners liking theirs?

    I tried several seats nothing compared to the Russell!! ( my opinion of course)
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    Passenger backrest?

    Anything ever come of a backrest like this for an nc700?