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    Email for Hondabikepro

    thanks - He emailed me.
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    Email for Hondabikepro

    Wanting to purchase some windshield nutplates from HONDABIKEPRO. Saw on his profile he has not been logging in regularly lately - so anyone have a direct email address for him?
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    I want a set of 5mm windshield nutplates (for a 2012 nc700x) Email me - [email protected]

    I want a set of 5mm windshield nutplates (for a 2012 nc700x) Email me - [email protected]
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    Hello from Panama City, FL

    <---------------Clearwater FL
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    after market exhaust and tuning

    The NC has a stroker motor and sounds amazing uncorked - the twisted crank and valve timing makes the NC sound like a pissed off Ducati. There is no reason to do anything unless you remove the cat, then a reset would be suffice.
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    Valve train noise with 250 miles on bike?

    The valve train does make a distinct "noise".
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    DanMoto XG-1 Twin Pipe exhaust

    1981 Honda CB900c 1987 Kawasaki 750 Vulcan
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    thinking about switching to yamaha...

    good bye...........................
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    Shift lever replacement options

    Yep - you can adjust it up or down with the tie rod. Look at it.
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    fork boots

    no - not at all
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    fork boots

    My boots are for a triumph:
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    balancing beads

    I use good old steel BBs in all my bikes. I have had the NC over 100mph with no vibration at all, and my cb900 up to 134mph - no issues. The beads work IMHO.
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    In need of carburetor genius! 600 vlx

    ^^^^great places to start. Did you run a small wire (safety wire, guitar string) through all the passages also? I use pinesol and soak the bodies for 2 days, then use a wire first and then compressed air to clear the passages. Try the starting fluid first. if it tries to start - it is...
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    Honda recall

    this^^^^^NC700X is not included.
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    nc750x and v-strom 650 XT qualitywise

    huh? ..............................................................