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    Traded my bike in

    She knows me well and that was the first thing she said to me "You're going to miss that Frunk"! Yea, I am totally blaming you Dave! I went to buy beer the other day on the way home from work, and when I went to throw it in the Frunk, it wasn't there! I had to open the box and split the bottles...
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    Traded my bike in

    Thanks all! Actually, the bike looks huge but handles very well. Not NC700X kind of lightweight handling but power pick up and turn in is excellent. For a height comparison, I am 5'8" with a 30" inseam. Not a problem on this bike the way the seat is made. Very comfortable long distance riding...
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    Traded my bike in

    I decided it was time to downsize the bikes in my garage, and struck a deal with my dealer on a 2014 Vstrom Adventure DL1000. They offered me a great trade in value on my Honda NC which sweetened the deal. Although I loved the Honda, I really wanted the new Strom so, I did the deed. The Honda...
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    Great riding with you the other day. Glad you came along! We looked for you at the AIME Expo...

    Great riding with you the other day. Glad you came along! We looked for you at the AIME Expo sunday and didn't see you or your bike outside in free parking area. I'll shoot you a video link when I get that put together. The raw video looked pretty good.
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    The biggest obstacle has been overcome...permission

    I have used a bike for commuting because that is all I had when younger. However, I have some things to consider: I found I really needed a truck (or car) for those serious downpours and cold days. Also, groceries can be picked up for one person but not 4. I guess if you made daily trips you...
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    Third Annual Florida NC700X RTE 10/18/2014

    Just got in and I couldn't have asked for a better day to ride! Riverratz was a great meeting spot, and it was great meeting everyone there! I know most of you guys had a long haul, and couldn't make the ride, but if you are ever going to be in the area again, shoot me a pm and maybe we can...
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    The NC700X....Gone but not forgotten

    Nice! Will you be riding this to Riveratz?
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    20145 AIMExpo Live Report!

    Planning on being there again this year!
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    Third Annual Florida NC700X RTE 10/18/2014

    We are meeting up at RiverRatz (Nobleton Outpost) at 11:30 on saturday. If you are using a GPS, use Brooksville as the city. Nobleton was not found by Garmin GPS.
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    Third Annual Florida NC700X RTE 10/18/2014

    Glad it was not worse and the gear helped protect you. I was hoping to put a face with the name.
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    Third Annual Florida NC700X RTE 10/18/2014

    TerryinFla will be riding there with me. We had lunch there today. I recommend the Bar-B-Q pork! We have a good 1.5 to 2 hour ride put together of some of the best roads in this area for those that might want to ride along. See you there!
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    what's with the whole beak thing....

    I am probably the only rider here that likes the look of the beak! Makes me look better standing next to it!
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    angry guitar player.

    By George, I think he's got it! Freakin great vid!
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    A dream come true -- I bought an NC700X!

    That is a great story and your wife is a wonderful person! Wishing you many fun miles on the new bike, and many wonderful years of married bliss!
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    Pilot Road 4's Announced

    I have to double check my log book but I am pretty sure I have over 11k on my PR3's with probably about 1k left on tread. Some highway traveling, some mountain curves and local riding mixed in. Hope to get more on the PR4's! I checked my log book and I have 11,400 miles on the PR3's since last...