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    Windshield question: best looking on the NC700X?

    I got a Puig Dark easy on, looks great, works way better than the stock one
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    NC750X DCT Touiring Screen

    I got one a few weeks ago ( Puig ) and it is way better than the stock one. Andrew
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    Can Anyone Compare the NC700X to a Vstrom 650?

    The Suzuki is quicker but it feels heavy, and top heavy as well. the nc needs a larger windscreen, my choice was a Puig touring screen from RevZillar. The seat is hard so a got a pro pad gel way better now.
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    puig windscreen

    I got one thru Revzilla, ordered on Jan 27 and got it Jan 29 it went on easy 4 screws out 4 in perfect. Tried it on two short rides but only 70 mph. The wind hits the top of my helmet and my shoulders, clean air no buffeting. I am 5'7'' so for me this is perfect. Fit finish is great I got the...
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    puig windscreen

    I ordered one ( Puig ) from Revzilla last Monday and it arrives Wed $ 122.50 great service. I got a chance to tri it Sat and Sunday for some short rides and it does what I wanted. The wind hits the top of my helmet no buffeting, and it hits my shoulders. I only did 70 but compared to the stock...