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    Center Stand Stopper CN700X/S 35-21-01 $48, immediate shipping to USA

    Do you still have 1 of the stoppers available?
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    Lower footpegs - what about rear brake lever?

    I use the same pegs and configured them for as low and far forward as I could then I adjusted the break leaver down (it still sits 1/2" higher than I would like).
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    Important Shinko tire 705 dual sport Rear Tire size: 160/60/17!!

    I have been running the 705 170 on the rear of my 2015 NC700x DCT for over a year I have over 6K on it. I am very happy with it.
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    Shinko 705

    What I'm running I'm running the Shinko 705s on my 2015 with 120/70-17 for the front, 170/60-17 for the rear I have about 6000 miles on them. I am happy with them.
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    Rear 180/55-17 fits?

    I have been running a 170 Shinko 705 for about a year. I am happy with it.
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    It's A Dirty Cover Up......

    Cover recommendation and advice on install My bike is kept outside and I use a: Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus EZ Zip Motorcycle Cover SKU: 258941 Color: Black Size: 2XL I purchased the larger cover to accommodate a tall windscreen, handguards, topbox and panniers. On the center...