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Thread: Other schools done at the track

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    Other schools done at the track

    Here are list of schools that if you want to take your riding further that you can try. There is an old saying that you will learn more in one day on the track than you will 5 years on the road. If you take a school, even better

    Keith Code's California Superbike School
    Jason Pridmore's STAR School
    Yamaha School of Champions
    Reg Pridmore's CLASS School

    I will add more schools as I run into them. While most these schools cater to sportibikes, I have seen a couple schools allow cruisers, scooters, and the like. Hell, I track/race a Ninja 250

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    While not a course done at a track but nevertheless a very informative and relevant training course is Lee Parks Total Control. It fits nicely into the slot between the MSF level courses for beginning and experienced riders and the track focused courses that may intimidate riders that want to improve skills but aren't ready for a trackday. Managing traction is something we do every single street ride at normal speeds and this course works on that skill set.

    Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic


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    So what do you do after taking MSF Dirtbike and Trail Riding classes?
    My plan is to move onto track riding.
    To prepare for track day, I chose to attend this:

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    Thanks for this!
    How about a listing of dirt riding for adventure bike classes?

    RawHyde Adventures California & Colorado
    PSS Off Road ยท Dirtbike, dualsport, and adventure motorcycle training. Northwest US
    BMW Horseshoe - SMART Riding Adventures Ontario Canada

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    Motorcycle Track Days in New England Non-Sport bike days are also listed

    I'm close enough to ride down for the day: Florida Track Days

    I did club (AAMRR & WERA) racing in the North East in the 70's, and would like to get on a track again.

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