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Thread: Offroad winch comes standard on all bikes?

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    Why didn't I think of that before? Good thing I was able to skip the first five minutes of the video to get to the meat of it. (I have no patience for videos).'


    Videos can be a bit bothersome and I assume you know you can....on many videos....hit the 'L' key to advance the video around 10 seconds, just as you can hit the 'K' key to stop the video and the 'J' key to back it up a bit. This does not work on Vimeo, but there might be something else that does that I'm not aware.

    You probably know this but just in case you don't.

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    Pull tape would be answer to the paracord. Pull tape is 1/2” wide flat polyester and comes in varies strengths like 1200, 1800, 2500,4000 and 6000. I carry 1800 # on the bike and ATVs. As come in handy on the ATV more than once.

    It’s real job is to pull wires primarily by utility companies. I found mine in HUGE tangle on the side of the road. Suspect the workers did not want to deal with the mess.

    Offroad winch comes standard on all bikes?-570f55d4-de71-4a3f-a9ac-469f6683453b-jpg

    Polyester Pull Tape
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