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    Quote Originally Posted by rmezei View Post
    Might not be related but I have this fear that cagers will hit me from behind.
    It happens, but not very often. According to the lastest data from the NHTSA's National Center for Statistics and Analysis, only about 6% of motorcycles involved in vehicle crashes were the result of the motorcyclist getting hit from behind. The percentage varies by year from around 4 to 6 percent and (my opinion) will probably start to drop even further as more vehicles are put on the road with collision avoidance technology and the pending rollout of mandatory Vehicle 2 Vehicle wireless networks (in the USA, not sure about Canada).

    Although I understand the numbers and know how probability works, like you I'm still concerned so I installed a pair of Whelen TIR3 flashing strobes and wired them to my rear brake lamp. They WILL get anyone's attention that is behind me, day or night. They have a variety of really annoying/attention getting patterns to select from and I've set mine up to will wig-wig for three cycles, go solid and then wig-wag for three more cycles, repeating for as long as I'm on the brakes.

    Maybe the $125 or so will put your mind at ease and if not, just remember that the odds are (relatively) slim you'll get hit from behind.

    Whelen TIR3™ Super-LED(R) -
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