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Thread: Touring around Japan for a Month

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    Touring around Japan for a Month

    Hey guys, I got my motorcycle license in Japan last year, and finally just got around to buying my first motorcycle, the NC700X.

    Currently I'm taking a month off between jobs, and using that time to go around the coastline of Japan!

    I started a blog to document my travels and wanted to share if with you all. I'm only on the beginning of my trip, but damn, its a beautiful place to be riding.

    Currently only writing about my daily trips, but will post more about gear, and the motorcycle itself in future posts (most likely when I get holed up somewhere by rain).

    Some background, I am an American who has been working in Japanese corporate life for the past three years, and speak the language fairly well.

    Post 1: Travel Prep
    バイクでの日本一周に向けた準備 (Travel Prep) | gabrielyoccaのブログ

    Post 2: There's always another hill.
    人生は山あり山あり There'''s Always Another Hill | gabrielyoccaのブログ

    It's not much yet, but would love for some feedback, and any advice as well!

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    When I visited we went to Ikumi Beach to do some surfing(public transport). Looked like a great area to do some riding out in the countryside. Wishing you a great journey.

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