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If I'm able to go I'd prefer it not be solo sense I've never been north of Washington, besides riding out in the sticks its best not to be alone in case something does happen
You are more than welcome to ride along with me and i'd be happy to rearrange my departure schedule a little to accommodate that my friend, I am fairly flexible. PM me if you'd like to talk/plan further. I'd be happy to ride over there and we can head north from your place or vise-versa.

"Tentatively"... I have 3 weeks vacation time for the trip and am otherwise not in a hurry. I do plan on camping most of the time(occasional motel for shower/laundry of course). Anything we need we can have shipped to my Dad in Fairbanks and we can do any maint necessary there as well. He is a great machinist/fabricator. I'm headed to Skagway AK where i went to highschool for a rest day, then off to D2D(June 20th). From there up to Fairbanks where my Dad lives and depending on the weather/ride, i'll at least hit the Arctic Circle and possibly Deadhorse. Then home through a more westerly track through Canada just to see something different. :{)