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Thread: Shinko 705

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afan View Post
    This morning my first commute to work on Shinkos (about 40 miles on I-80, 15 miles on US-6, and 5 miles city streets) - scary. They do kinda "dive in" as somebody described (Dave?) Need some time to get used to it.

    Although, felt couple times the handlebar was slightly wobbling ?!?
    Maybe the quick turn-in is a Shinko brand characteristic. I found that a new Shinko Raven street tire does the same thing and takes 500 miles of riding to get accustomed to or for the tire to return to “normal”. The only handling quirk I noticed with the 705 is that they squirm around on tar snakes, sort of like the feeling of riding a metal grate bridge.
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    Oh yes, they do not like Tar Snakes and neither did my Conti-Motions. I nearly dumped the NC wearing Conti's on a section of Tar Snakes coming down the Lewiston grade and almost took the scenic route haha! :{)
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