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Thread: 170/60 vs 160/60 rear tire

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    170/60 vs 160/60 rear tire

    Time for new tires as both my front and back are between 2/32 and 3/32. I purchased the bike used and it came with a 170/60 rear tire which had just been installed. Iím curious on opinions about if I should go back with a 170/60 or should I return to the stock 160/60 size. I know the stock size will be 10mm narrower and slightly shorter. What differences, if any, would I notice in handling with the smaller tire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Convict1997 View Post
    What differences, if any, would I notice in handling with the smaller tire?
    Handling with the design size tire mounted, all other things being equal, should be equal to or likely better than; on pavement.

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    170/60 vs 160/60 rear tire
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    The bike was designed to be fitted with the 160/60 rear tire. Anything other than that size will change the handling.

    ps. wider is not always better!

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    Ditto the above. Unless you fully understand the logic behind tire sizing, stay with the stock sizes. The only reason I would install a 170/60 is if the tire I absolutely wanted didn’t come in 160/60. Otherwise use 160/60.
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    I've been watching tons of videos trying to learn as much as I can.

    Saw one where a guy had put a 180/50 (I think?, not sure) on his NC750 and he was trying to show it was a bad idea because you end up with a smaller contact patch. His point was that with the same width rim the wider tire has the sides pinched together which forces it into a rounder profile. Rounder profile = smaller contact patch in center.

    Seems to make sense at first but we all know there are a million factors that affect something like this and his simple idea could actually be 100% wrong.

    I just know that I have absolutely no reason to vary from the recommended sizes.

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    What type riding do you do mostly? If road riding, I highly suggest the Michelin Pilot Road 5's, of course in the 160/60 and 120/70 flavor. I would not waste any time thinking about any other size for road tires. If switching to a mild knobby, its not uncommon to have to run off sizes, but I wouldn't with road tires. Good luck.

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    I have ran 170/60, 160/70 because the tires I like dont come in 160/60..I havent noticed any difference in handling...10mm difference is only a 4/10 of a inch in difference in total tire size (width, that is 5mm on each side-less than 1/5 of an inch on each side-same for tire height...); can riders street riding even notice a 1/5 difference on each side of the tire-on today's terrible roads-maybe on a pristine road, but where are those...

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    After my flat last week I decided to switch from the Michelins to the Shinko 705 in the 170/60. I have only run it around the block so far but I don't see too much difference yet. Note that I still have the stock sized Michelin on the front. So I will let you guys know if I feel any different riding in tomorrow.

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