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Thread: How long have your tires been lasting on the NC700?

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    Bike: NC750X 2016
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    Jun 2016
    2016 NC750X

    Stock Brodgestone Battlewing:
    15000km Rear but had more 1000 or 2000...
    19000km Front

    Metzeler Tourance Next:
    16000km rear
    Rear still going to 19000 or 20000...

    Current rear is Bridgestone A41, good but TOO HARD for the NC suspension!

    Enviado do meu SM-A320FL através do Tapatalk

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    Senior Member How long have your tires been lasting on the NC700?
    Bike: SV,NC,berg 570s
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    Jan 2019
    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy da vig View Post
    I used 705's on my KLR, so both lighter and less power than the NC. I sure would have liked to get your mileage out of them. I guess I ran the bike harder than I thought.
    in my experience, thumpers are significantly harder on tires because the power comes as bigger pulses

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    RP 4 front about 13000 miles.
    Rp4 rear 8000 to 10000 miles.

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    Pilot Road 4. Just replaced after 25000 km and 1 year commuting. Bought another pair................

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