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Thread: Nobody will patch my tire!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Can Ride View Post
    Most small auto tire shops will vulcanize the tire for you, if you carry the motorcycle tire only off bike to the tire shop. Most times cost is about $10 per tire...
    In my neck of the woods they won't touch it.
    Plug kits are cheap though.

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    Why not go for the "Belt & Braces (Suspenders)" option?

    Fit your plugs and then install some tire sealant which will take care of any leaks, should they occur

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    Commuter Extraordinaire Nobody will patch my tire!!
    Nobody will patch my tire!!
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    I had a similar issue on a PR4 and patched it myself. I rode it for another 10K. The puncture on my tire was not in the dead center of the tire but offset to the left side in an area that is still heavily used on corners. I'm not saying it is safe or even recommending a person do this, I'm just saying that I did without any issues for a long period of time.

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