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Thread: Tire question

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    Tire question

    Needing to replace current rear TKC 80 in 150/70-17. Stock size is 160/60-17. Looking at Avon AV54 in 150/60-17. Has anyone used the 150/60 on the NC700X or would it create problems. Stock is 96mm sidewall The TKC80 is 105mm. The Avon is 90mm which would help lower the bike a little more.

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    Depends on your frame of reference. The shorter tire will slow the steering, however little; 6mm lower in the rear as you know (15mm down from your 150/70); and effectively shortens the gearing by 6%. Some might see one or more of those as a problem, others not. Depends on what you can tolerate and how you use your machine. That said, TrailRider comes in a 160/60, so avoid all three conditions perhaps?

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    Regarding your tire question: The Avon that you called out is more of a street tire. I would recommend that you up the stock size of 160/60ZR-17, which is available.

    A Word Of Caution: The speed is indicated off the countershaft of these bikes. Changing tire sizes or the number of teeth on the rear sprocket can create a speed reading error to the indicated speed on the speedo, thus what is shown is not your actually speed. The DCT models are especially sensitive to this cause pulses are being feed back on both wheels to the ECU from the ABS sensors to monitor their rotation speeds.
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