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Thread: Suggestions for new tires?

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    Member Suggestions for new tires?
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    Lots of great tires out there, I got the Micheline pilot 3 tires. Great for the rain and overall commuting. Good luck with your purchase

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    I went through the pr4 phase. Went back to shinko 700 series. Half the price, same mileage, better in dirt obviously.

    Pr4 did grip like glue on the street.

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    Been going through different brands and reviews on Revzilla and may have narrowed it down to the Avon AV54 Trail Rider. Had some great reviews and my stock size both front and back. Very little options to match the stock tire size and was going to Frankenstein front and back with different brands and odd ball sizes. May not need to, always trusted my Tourance and Metzler but Avon my have taken first place.

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    I just got Michelin Pilot 4 tires, front and rear. They are fantastic. I was interested in almost all highway miles. The Michelins provide incredible cush and ride, but still with great handling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StratTuner View Post
    What did the 705's cost for a set?

    I got mine from Revzilla and they were about $160.00 shipped. Not too bad since I was considering the Pirelli Scorpion and they are about $150 each.
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    #1 Elite Suggestions for new tires?
    Suggestions for new tires?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rum Runner View Post
    ...Has anyone tried $$$$ Heidenau K60 Scouts? Here in the wet PNW, I'd like a 90/10. Or 80/20 that I can trust.
    The only thing that ever put my NC on its side was with a K60 Heidenau in the rain. If I lived in the PNW, I'd avoid them. Seriously.
    Motorcycle don't lie!

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    One of the best dirt tires there is the Kenda Big Block. But, if you enjoy sliding through red lights in the rain the Kenda Big Block is a real adventure tire in the rain.

    Well, it is raining here, so I "Ride".
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    Pulled the trigger, in the shop for some for a starting issue and getting Avon Trailriders on. Hope to have it by Sat. so I can load up and get an overnight camp in.

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    has anyone tried Shinko 705 130/80/17 instead of 120/70/17 ??

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    Metzeler Tourance Next

    This past September I had a set of Metzeler Tourance Next tires put on my 2013 NC700X.
    The Tourance Next were brought out as their next upgrade in their Tourance series of tires.
    METZELER - Tourance Next

    They are pricey but I was looking for something that would last, be good on non-paved roads, and have the best wet road traction possible.
    These are now coming stock on the BMW R1200GS.
    So, must be something good with them.
    I have put 1000 plus miles on them now.

    If you are into kayaking you will understand the meaning to chine.
    Chine is how the boat feels when tilted over to turn it.
    Hard chine and the boat just WHAM, quickly and very hard tilts.
    Soft chine means it easily and smoothly rolls down onto its side to turn.

    The Dunlop tires that came on the bike felt a little more like a hard chine when I leaned the bike into a turn.
    These Tourance Next are a soft chine.
    They turn so smoothly into the turns it is amazing.
    They just roll smoothly down in as deep as you want to (or can!) go and back out.
    They have given me more confidence in my leans.
    Some say they are so smooth that you must take it easy and learn these tires good before getting too rambunctious in turns.
    I agree.

    They are also very confidence inspiring in the rain.
    I no longer avoid rain riding but look forward to it.
    Great wet road traction.
    A month ago I was out and a lite rain started.
    No problem!
    Then the lite rain turned into a very wet and heavy snow.
    The snow was laying on the grass but the roads remained only wet - good.
    But my visor kept getting coated with a thick layer of wet snow.
    Had to use my hand to clean my visor every minute.
    This was okay, no other riders to wave to in those conditions!
    I remained upright throughout.

    My driving style indicates I could potentially hit the 12,000 miles (or better!) claimed by Metzeler.
    Easy on and easy off the throttle, average RPM around 3K, and maintain tire pressure.
    I highly recommend these tires to anyone willing to pay German tire prices!!
    Since my life hinges on two things mainly, my riding abilities and the two things between me and the road, I wanted to get a really good tire.
    Thing two covered, thing one is a work in progress!

    God bless and ride safe!!


    Edit 04-13-2018: I have now put 8000 miles on this set of tires.
    Wear is very minimal with lots of deep tread yet and I am expecting to get the full 12000 miles the company states is possible (plus most likely a few more!)
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