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Thread: Bye bye ncx, gone in 60 seconds

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    Senior Member Bye bye ncx, gone in 60 seconds StratTuner's Avatar
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    well April or not, I'm really relieved to hear your NC is still with you. Safe travels.
    - StratTuner

    "If you don't understand him, and he don't die young,
    he'll probly just ride away."
    - Willie Nelson

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    Fixed Idea Bye bye ncx, gone in 60 seconds
    Bye bye ncx, gone in 60 seconds
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    Quote Originally Posted by happy View Post
    Guys guys guys,

    It is a joke.

    I did not say I stopped at Milan.
    I said I stopped to fill up. It could be anywhere between here and Italy. is a joke. Not meant to slight Italy or Slovakia or Crimea or Somalia or Russia or Poland....
    Just a joke.
    Can some kind soul just close this thread?

    I am beginning to regret starting a joke out to tickle your funny bones and now it is turning ugly...
    Ahh, the perils of a prankster, Happy...

    That is the risk one takes when first deciding to do a joke. It can work, it can fall flat, it can unintentionally offend, it can backfire spectacularly, etc.

    An April Fools joke is meant to stir the pot with deception, however congenial or in good faith, and not everyone is ok with that kind of humour. You can pity other poor souls lacking in this regard, but you can't deny them their right to be all Serious Cat and take everything the wrong way, if that's how they view the world. *shrug*

    Ya tells yer joke, ya takes yer chances. Sometimes you get the exploding cigar.

    I do agree though, I think this topic has exhausted itself.
    Chillin' with Cybersix and Data 7 in Meridiana

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    Commuter Extraordinaire Bye bye ncx, gone in 60 seconds
    Bye bye ncx, gone in 60 seconds
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    Now this thread is actually getting funny. LOL

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    Still so funny after these years to reread this.

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    I just finished reading this thread again......
    2012 NC700X 37000 and counting
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    MPG? forget about it.....

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