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Thread: Airing down tires.. and 8 other common mistakes for Adv Touring

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    Airing down tires.. and 8 other common mistakes for Adv Touring

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    Watched that vid. I've always been to lazy to air down. I guess I was right after all.
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    I respectfully disagree, though YMMV... :{P
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    Iíve seen a number of his other videos. He is pretty consistent about his message about airing down tires. His videos seem to target the novice to average skill level rider and introduces riding techniques.
    For most people, like me, it doesnít make sense to air down. Occasional dirt, street oriented tires, etc. My longest stretch of dirt on the NC is about 5miles.
    For off road people, sure, do it. These people generally have experience to know when it will be helpful and will also remember to air up afterwards.


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