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Thread: Cleaning plastics on a bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by 670cc View Post
    Agree. Based on the latest pricing, Plexus has gotten a bit too proud of their product. I’ve stopped buying it.
    Update: Stopped by the Yamaha shop last week to grab some chain lube, they had a can of Plexus on a shelf near the desk so I asked how much it was.....$30!!! That is insane.

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    for funky plastic, i rub mineral/baby oil on it and buff as much as i can off. looks like new
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    S100 spray on the bike, let it sit a bit, then hose it off. We have hard water so I get some spotting if I don't wipe it down really well but it works great.

    Honda sell their own rebranded version of S100, but its the same thing. Hondabrite. Even has the original S100 logo on the bottle. Buy it on line or buy it from the local Honda dealer and support the local shop.

    Can be had in various sizes, up to 5 liter size.

    Hondabrite =>

    P100 =>

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