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Thread: When parking your bike.... Bars to the left, or right?

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    I turn left because I lock the steering head. About the second time I had my CBR at the fire station, my friends 'stole' (moved and hid) my bike because I didn't lock the steering head. Now I always do.

    That CBR, the NCX, and a VF750 I had for a short while all only lock to the left.

    The exception is that I have to turn my bars to the right when I park in the garage overnight. It's _VERY_ tight getting the NC in front of another vehicle, and the only way it'll fit is with the bars to the right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverRocket View Post
    Please rethink these lax habits and help reduce theft.
    You see... I am an anti-lockxser. I don't believe in inlockuations. My bike has never been stolen, so why should I inlockxuate?
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