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Thread: Offering new riders advice

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    Offering new riders advice

    The other day I was sitting outside Starbucks on Brant St in Burlington when a young guy rode up on his new cbr300r with his girlfriend on the back. I struck up a conversation. He said he got his motorcycle licence 2 weeks ago. I noticed they were both wearing running shoes, he had jeans on, and the girlfriend was wearing those ubiquitous black leggings. Iím not sure if either of them were wearing gloves. This prompted me to launch into my lecture about the importance of wearing proper safety gear. I didnít even address the fact that riding with a passenger with so little experience was completely irresponsible. I have tens of thousands of kilometres of riding experience and I am extremely reluctant to ride with a passenger. I donít think they really listened to me.

    Anyway, I am interested in knowing if other riders offer advice to new riders like this? Am I out of line? Should I not bother? I feel I have a responsibility to educate new riders.

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    Sadly, until they respect you, they're not going to listen to you- no matter how good the advice (Take from someone with 20 neices & nephews). Maybe the best thing to do is to talk up an 'advanced rider's course'?
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    My adult daughter started riding. I wouldn't ride with her unless she was ATGATT. No problem.
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    I'll talk to people I know about safety and gear. Total strangers are typically not receptive to the idea unless they start the conversation.
    I would talk to them about their bike and things like that. They then usually ask 'Aren't you hot in that jacket?' I take that as a way to introduce the topic of safety gear and safety rider courses.
    I think gloves are the easiest to talk about since the hands are the first thing to hit the ground if you fall. Gloves can also look cool, too.


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    Not out of line at all. I have been riding for about a year and a half, now. I have only taken my wife on the bike one time for about 2 miles around the neighborhood because she wanted to see what it was like. I hated the way the bike felt and maneuvered. I won't be taking her riding on the NC, that's for sure. I suppose if I had a larger bike, it would be different. Again, no experience there, I just know I didn't like it one bit. I've taken a kid for a ride once, too about the same distance. Wasn't a problem as he was about 60lbs total.

    I do wear my jacket, gloves and boots every time I ride. I once, inadvertently left from the house without my gloves on. Immediately felt naked without them, so I pulled over and put them on. I know I've listened to sound advice when it comes to gear, but there are so many who just won't, unfortunately. I would still tell them anyways

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    Quote Originally Posted by superdedooperman View Post
    I do wear my jacket, gloves and boots every time I ride.
    Must get, um, ďbreezyĒ without pants Offering new riders advice

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    I see many “experienced” adult riders in US states that mandate helmet use. These folks wear a skimpy half helmet and minimal clothing. They are well aware of what constitutes “proper” motorcycle riding gear, but obviuosly chose to dress otherwise. Preaching would do no good.

    Likewise, young beginner riders are at the age where they feel invincible, so they’ll just have to figure out the importance of proper gear on their own, hopefully not in a drastic way. I dont speak to them but try to leave an impression by my example.

    I admit that when I was much younger, I always wore a helmet and gloves, but a t-shirt, athletic shoes, and jeans was considered acceptable to me.
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    You are not out of line to speak up.

    It is important to realize that people will often react negatively to such suggestions, and then go away and realize the suggestion was a good one and follow it.

    You can’t expect someone to say “You are right, I will never do that again!” They are far more likely to say “Mind your own business! I can do whatever I want.” That does NOT mean they won’t follow your suggestion later. You have to accept that you are going to get negative or even hostile feedback if you want to make a difference.]

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    The age difference alone would make you a less than credible source (in young eyes)... still, it's good to say it, once, gently, as the idea might take hold in time.

    I am ever amazed at young men who ride like maniacs with someone's daughter on the rear seat !!!

    (meant to be gently humorous since I'm offense meant to the XX crowd.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by GregC View Post
    Must get, um, “breezy” without pants Offering new riders advice

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