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Thread: Welcome to Stupid

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    Welcome to Stupid

    This is an article in the local news.

    How the state DOT is making the highway safer for motorcycles...

    Gutierrez, 22, was out riding with three of his friends down the winding North Cascades Highway on May 13th when he lost control, crashing into a tree.
    As they rounded a turn, Gutierrez hit a patch of sand and crashed...
    This spring, Washington Transportation Department has launched a campaign to make several safety improvements. The state will
    add advanced curve warnings and
    arrow boards near tight curves as well as
    intersection warnings and
    road name signs.
    Plus the Transportation Department plans to distribute a safety brochure in the area.

    Here's a thought; sweep up the sand!

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    Next step : cut all trees within 50 yards of the road.

    Sadly same here in France, new legislation will lower speed on all roads starting August to "save lives", but they still use gravel, without sweeping (they let cars sweep over time), when overhauling country roads. And you can still drive and phone at the same time...

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    Welcome to Stupid
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    And just imagine all the funding and resources that went into the research that came up with that legislation and “fix”. Ahhh, the guvment. Just gotta luv it.

    Iím supposed to respect my elders, but itís getting harder and harder for me to find one now ..

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    indeed sir, well educated past their intelligence.. :{)
    Fiat Justicia et Peret Mundus = Do the Right thing, Come what May!

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    Here in Arizona whenever the head of AZ Highway Patrol has a press conference after a multi-vehicle collision with fatalities he has the nerve to claim that the cause of the crash was speeding, failing to wear a seat belt and not paying attention. Not one word about following too close. I can get behind the not paying attention but lack of seat belts doesn't cause someone to tailgate. At work, driving my truck, I often have 'trains' of cars go by me, well UNDER the 75 mph speed limit, with less than 10 feet between a line of 20 or so. Every once in a while one will pop out in front of me, pass one car on the right and jam their way back in. I suppose that you could make the argument that the person that does that is speeding, maybe, but the problem is not how fast they drive, it's HOW they drive. If he was serious about reducing fatalities on AZ highways, he would address the problems that we actually have not the ones that produce the most revenue.

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