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Thread: What is the best bike you have ever owned ?

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    What is the best bike you have ever owned ?

    There are conditions to this question. By "best Bike" I mean a great all rounder. A bike that You went long distance touring on with or without pillion and luggage. A bike that you went trail riding on and not just on hardpack trails. A bike that You went scratching on with your mates. In short a bike that did it all.

    I was thinking about this today and I asked my Wife for Her opinion without in any prompting her choice. Her answer was exactly what I also had in mind. For now I will hold my own answer, so lets hear from Y'all. Perhaps this has been posted previously but sure we might as well have an update if that is ok ?
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    This is a BMW GS/A troll question.
    Are you from BMW marketing team?
    It's not funny.

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    Senior Member What is the best bike you have ever owned ?What is the best bike you have ever owned ? PortlandZinMan's Avatar
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    Honda ST1100 - had 3 of them in a row. I call my NC700, my "ST1100 Mini-Me". (Note: Honda ruined the line with the ST1300...yuck! Bought, rode for 3 months and sold it in disgust)

    The big bike just got too heavy for me and rather than give up the style I like, I bought a NC, and built it out to match my favorite bike - works for me!
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    Senior Member What is the best bike you have ever owned ?
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    BMW F650GS, that bike was worn out when I traded it in. Of course, it was a BMW and was half worn out when I bought it. I took it everywhere and it did everything. It worked great when it ran and it turned me into a decent motorcycle mechanic. Although, after riding Japanese bikes, I'll never own another BMW.
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    Suzuki GS500E. Got it after high school and rode it through college and into marriage. Lots of memories of fun trips and dates!

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    Not near as seasoned as some of you, but the NC700x is the best bike I've ever owned...because it's only the second one! I had a Yamaha Virago 250 first. So, of course the NC leads the way for me. I love it and will keep it for a long time.

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    While no trail riding was involved the bike I am most sorry I ever sold was a BMW R100RT.

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    The bike that is your best bike, is the one that meets the needs at that current time for each individual. Mine is always by far the current bike I have a current need of......

    What is the best bike you have ever owned ?-38be72e3-2a5e-4418-9cd0-e406c6cc28ae-jpg
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    I couldn’t answer because no bike can do it all. Bikes are specialized, so you need a fleet. However if I was forced to own only one, and that was going to be my best bike, it would be the GL1800. But going to one bike like that would mean the end to off road dirt riding. A runner up would be my old 1982 Suzuki GS850G.
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