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Thread: Post Good Buys HERE

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyC View Post
    I have a 3D printer (Brother In Law works for Makergear) I can print any keychain you find... go to send me a link...
    Cool, although the link I originally posted was to a knitted Dr Who scarf keychain, not going to 3D print that too easily with those colours! I do have a Tardis USB key chain but that's attached to a laptop bag not my bike keys!!

    Post Good Buys HERE-20171011_132139-web-jpg

    We have a few 3D printers here at work, including a Makergear I believe. thingiverse is a pretty cool site!! Great, now I have to go decide if I want to print any of the Dr Who pieces they have, like this K-9.

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    Winter is coming (for some of us) has the Battery Tender Jr 12v on sale for $20 for the next 5 days.

    Post Good Buys HERE-a0sd_1_20170920672626535-jpg

    "Battery Tender 021-0123 Junior 12V Battery Charger "

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    Thanks TechRat.........just ordered!!! With a boat, sea-doo-doo, and 9 bikes, one can NEVER have enough "Tenders" on hand.....!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moto-Kafe View Post
    Thanks TechRat.........just ordered!!! With a boat, sea-doo-doo, and 9 bikes, one can NEVER have enough "Tenders" on hand.....!!!!!!!
    Plus +1 ! Mine too is on the way, thanks for the heads up!


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    Post Good Buys HERE
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    Got this off drriders. Iron Pony has Roland Sands Sentinel jacket on sale for $164.99.

    Sentinel Textile Jacket Mens - Roland Sands Design

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    FYI MAG - Motorsport Aftermarket Group declared bankruptcy- which includes:
    Velocity Holding Company, Inc.
    Velocity Pooling Vehicle, LLC
    DFR Acquisition Corp.
    Ed Tucker Distributor, Inc.
    J&P Cycles, LLC
    Kuryakyn Holdings, LLC
    MAG Creative Group, LLC
    MAGNET Force, LLC
    Motorcycle Superstore, Inc.
    Motorcycle USA LLC
    Motorsport Aftermarket Group, Inc.
    Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC
    Performance Machine, LLC (owns Roland Sands Design)
    Ralco Holdings, Inc.
    Rally Holdings, LLC
    Renthal America, Inc.
    Tucker Rocky Corporation
    Tucker-Rocky Georgia, LLC
    V&H Performance, LLC (Vance & Hines)

    So we'll probably be getting deals on their products- at the expense of afersales support..

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    Post Good Buys HERE

    MAG filed for Ch 11 bankruptcy, which is essentially a reorganization, in which they cleared $300M in debt in exchange for issuing new equity. They will likely continue unaffected as to sales and service as they are not closing or liquidating anything. That said, they may do some sales to offset any nervousness in the market and among consumers.

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