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Thread: Hope it's working now.

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    Hope it's working now.

    Hope it's working now. The forum, I mean...

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    They need a custom error page written such that it shows "Go out and ride while we fix this temporary technoglitch...!!". Glad it's back though

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    Was it a coincidence that the forum downtime seemed to coincide with Malwarebytes issues also ?
    It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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    Looks like there are still some bugs being worked out. It's still hit or miss for me.

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    Who runs the forum?

    I used to help run (as a full time job) two of the largest RC forums in the world. and, and started and sold so I;d be happy to help if I could.
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    ADV was down last week then our NC page? At first I thought it was TapTalk

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