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Thread: 2012 Honda NC700X in Kansas City

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    2012 Honda NC700X in Kansas City

    I've got a bike, but what I really could use, is some money, so if you find yourself in the opposite predicament you've come to the not entirely wrong place.

    From the producers of: "As much as I love it, we all knew I'd sell it on day" and: "All the scratches come from the previous owner" .... I have up for sale my 2012 Honda NC700x

    Some Info about the bike:
    100% Gluten free*
    Miles: Yes, and Km too -with a simple toggle of a button; technology, right?! About 9,200 miles can be read on the ODO
    Color: You racist!
    Engine: One Included, Parallel twin, with 670cc of pure adrenaline for your 70 mpg-commute journeys.
    Transmission: manual 6 speedier
    Tires: 2 included, always had been in contact with asphalt. They were changed less than 200 miles ago
    Scratches: Yes, plenty. Mostly from rubbing my thing... My Protective GEAR thing... against the plastics, also from a misbehaved set of bungee cords on the pillion seat, and lastly from a couple of stupid-zero-speed lay downs from the previous owner (remember?). Both levers and mirrors are scratched up.
    -Pyramid Rear wheel huger
    -Brake Light Flasher
    -Engine Crash bars
    -Leo Vince Carbon fiber slip-On
    -Tank pad protective sticker* (this adds about 15HP, and reduces the aerodynamic drag by 3%)
    Maintenance: Last oil change was performed 2 months ago with Honda conventional oil, to have it ready for the season.
    Title: Clean, in hand, never been dropped, folded-as-an-paper-airplane, wrinkled, or frown upon EVER. Also no liens on it
    Currently it has about 9 blue stars in Yelp Reviews*, and like four gazillion* points in Candy Crush Saga (not included on sale)

    Location: Paris of the Plains, City of Fountains, Killa City, Classy St Louis, Cans of city: KCMO
    Price: $3,000 american pesos
    Trades: Yes, I ONLY accept trades for a Hacienda in the suburbs of Cali, Colombia.

    *Disclaimer: Some figures are still under federal investigation. Shall some of those values disagree with reality, the values expressed herein might not prevail
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    OBO anyone?

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    ??...Bueller..., Bueller..?? :{P
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