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Thread: would u pay $1000 to avoid a skinned knee??

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    Ditto Half. I too went down hard though in August of 83', but i don't remember what day it was haha. I had the day off from work and headed to work to get some gas. I was riding my YZ250 and went rippin' down a gravel/dirt/rocky road that followed a set of train tracks that i rode often. I was wearing my fav MC boots, a nice pair of blue jeans and of course one of my favorite T-shirts(ok i was 17). I also had mc gloves and my nice Simpson full-face helmet(it looked like something from starwars).

    After racing down that stretch of road WOT, in a full tuck and in top gear(as was my weekly habit) i let go of the handlebars, sat upright and coasted for a long ways with my arms outstretched just flying along, minding my own business haha. However, this day someone had placed a large cantaloupe sized jagged rock in the trail and i hit it just as i saw it. I immediately leaned forward and tried to grab the bars in an attempt to regain control of the bike to no avail! It pitched me forward and off the bike and the two of us tango'ed over one another in a huge cloud of dust finally coming to a rest with the bike on top of me. A day to remember for ever i'm sure, like yours!

    I got the bike off of me, ripped up, bloody, face full of dirt/gravel i limped to my feet and righted the bike, restarted it and rode on into where i worked. As i limped into the office there was my Uncle telling everyone about this idiot he had just witnessed who had race past him on the road(55mph speed limit), then let go of the handlebars and crash!! Haha, and he never stopped to see if the rider was ok or needed help either(ya he is still that way today). Anyway, they drove me into the hospital where they cut what was left of my favorite jeans/t-shirt off of me and proceed to "Scrape/Clean all of the gravel, dirt and rocks out of both of my shoulders, back, elbows, hips and knees. I took 30 stitches to my left knee and the rest was just road/gravel rash!

    To this day i still have bits of debris in those areas that was not removed and the skin grew over it(you can still see them under the skin, kind of weird looking), nor do i have proper "feeling" in those areas when touched or itched. All of that to say, ever since that crash i have always worn every bit of protective gear i could afford/appropriate for the type of riding. Today at 54, yes i am an ATGATT guy. To quote many others... Dress for the slide, not the ride!! :{)
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    What an experience, I'm sure alot of us older guys have many times that we look back on and can't believe we lived through them.
    Out on the road, you can always tell the ones who have never been down, that's for sure!

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