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Thread: Broke my CARDO Palktalk Slim headset

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    Quote Originally Posted by melensdad View Post
    Shipped back the broken Cardo Packtalk Slim.

    Emailed Cardo a photo of the USPS receipt. Wrote them a polite note and included the USPS tracking number.

    Basically sent them everything that they asked for and packed it all nicely in bubble wrap.

    Now I hold my breath and wait for a reply? Or wait for a shipment of a replacement? I'm actually very hopeful that they will replace my unit before I leave for a trip at the end of next week.

    I do have "plan B" in place in case Cardo fails. Amazon already delivered a NOS unit that is compatible with the dynamic mesh system. Ordered it yesterday, delivered today. Got to love Amazon for their efficiency. I did decide that if Cardo does come through with a replacement that I will return this unit to Amazon and save the $157 (plus tax and shipping) that it cost me to buy.

    I wonder if Cardo would have responded so quickly if I did not post my problem on Facebook? In any case, with luck their customer service will take care of this quickly and efficiently.
    Man, that's great news. I hope it works out and they get that issue resolved permanently. I'm seriously thinking about getting one and really prefer the Cardo but this kind of thing is a concern. Let us know how the replacement goes, and have a safe trip.

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    When it’s not broken it’s grest

    Audio is good
    Voice control is good
    Fits in the Frunk if your helmet fits

    Hoping this works out
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