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Thread: Comfortable dry riding boots, what do you like and why?

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    My Alpinestars Gran Torino are comfortable all day. Sadly they are no longer made.
    If I want a little more protection I wear my Alpinestars Corazal. They are not quite off road boots, but they are about as protective as you can get and still walk around.
    The Gran Torino are Goretex, the Corazal are dry Star.
    My feet sweat a lot, so I wear a well ventilated boot in warm weather made by First Gear.]

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    Also keep in mind the socks. I wear some merino wool socks to help with sweating and wicking. Quick drying and I always carry an extra pair of dry ones for if they get wet. For trips, I wear one, carry 2 spare. One to wear, one to wash, one for spare. You can have the best boots in the world, but once your socks get wet, your feet stay wet and issues will occur.

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    Senior Member Comfortable dry riding boots, what do you like and why?
    Comfortable dry riding boots, what do you like and why?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dduelin View Post
    Tourmaster Solution WP Air and Tourmaster Solution 2.0 WP, one of each for winter and summer use.
    I have the Forma Low boots and like them, but I wish they were a tad wider. I'm going to check the Tourmaster Solution WP Air and see how they fit. Thanks Dave.

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    Since others have brought up their cold and warm weather choices, here's my other two boot picks. Summer, the 511 desert boot the most comfortable boot I have ever had. Not waterproof, you need rain booties on tour.

    Winter is the Red Wing model 1229. I first read about it in the book Going the Extra Mile by Ron Ayres, a well known Iron Butt rider. Rod said they have 1,000 grams of Thinsulate. I don't know about that but they are warm. The only boot I use from late November to mid March. Gore-Tex lined. Maybe 45,000 miles and they only show shifting scuff.

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    I bought a pair of Rev-it boots, but returned them after I found they were so stiff I couldn't feel anything my feet were doing. After that I went and bought another pair of Danner patrol boots with Goretex. Then for the summer I wear a pair of Vans high tops.

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    I wear Sidi Cobra Gore-Tex boots. I've put over 20k miles on them and the soles still look new. Most of the parts of the boot are replaceable. The slide pads work very well. Not that you should ever have a sloppy enough foot position to know this on an NC700X.

    The very first day I wore them I accidentally drove through a deep puddle and felt the water cascading over my boots. They've never let my feet get wet. They're big enough to wear two pairs of socks, but don't slop around when I'm walking despite not having an ankle clasp. Easiest boots to get in and out of.

    I've even worked 8 hours mostly on my feet in them, fantastic boots. Your feet are your most common contact point with the ground, treat them right.

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    I still wear my old patrol boots, Danner Ft Lewis with Gortex. Very comfortable and well broken in. One day i'll buy a nice pair of Sidi or something more suited for riding/comfort. :{)
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