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Thread: Questions on HJC 980-574 Max ll. Modular helmet ( and modular helmets in particular)

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    Questions on HJC 980-574 Max ll. Modular helmet ( and modular helmets in particular)

    Iíve had many 3/4 street helmets and a few full face one piece helmets, mainly for ADV and Dual sport use. This would be the first ď Modular ď helmet Iíd be buying. It has some decent reviews ( on their site, so maybe). Anyway looking on feedback of modular helmets and if anyone owns this particular one Iím thinking of buying- that would be a bonus. My biggest concerns are quality, venting ( TX heat) ease of use, quietness,and comfort.

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    I have an IS Max 2. From a google search it looks like it may be the same model. I have had it since the summer of 2015. I'm happy with it. I wear earplugs and it is the only helmet I have owned so I don't have a way to compare quietness, comfort and venting. It fits me well but I new that when I bought it having tried it on in the store for 15 minutes. I like the cut out for the arms of my glasses. I don't find it overly hot but I don't think weather here would get as warm as South Texas. Very easy to use with the release under the chin. It comes with a pin lock insert to help with fogging which I didn't appreciate until I took it out. I really like a modular for the cold weather. I can wrap a neck gaiter around my chin, put my helmet on, and then still adjust the gaiter position before closing the helmet. I have a sold white one. In a couple year I will be shopping for another helmet and would be happy getting another.

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    I prefer Shoei modulars and wear one 90% of the time, 10% in a 3/4. The 3/4 is an HJC FG-Jet. I have no experience with the HJC IS MAX II but recently purchased a CL MAX III for my wife. I think the latter is a better choice because of two features - the ventilation appears better in the III and the drop down sun visor is infinitely adjustable vs the three position visor of the IS MAX II.

    Modulars are not quiet by the nature of the gap between the chin bar and the shell but with earplugs all helmets are very quiet. For me earplugs make riding for hours upon hours less fatiguing and the ability to flip up the chin bar to talk at stops and reduce the need to take off the helmet during stops and breaks are key features.
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    My wife was looking at the HJC modulars and other brands as well. An HJC sales rep walked into the shop while we were in there and he ended up selling her a full face HJC and not their modular model. It is her second HJC.

    As for quiet, I ride with an Arai Defiant Pro Shield and don't need earplugs, its an amazingly quiet helmet regardless of how I have the vents set ... and there are a lot of vents!

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    Nice! I too chose the HJC IS MAX-II Modular. I was looking for a new helmet to replace my 10-12 year old beat up one and Tewster(tim) had a new HJC MAX-II and really liked it so I gave it a try. It fits my noggin' great, even on 500 miles days. Although i really like it and the features it has, i still need to wear ear plugs. After about 45mph i can no longer hear the Dan Moto exhaust pipe... I love the helmet, just not the wind noise! and at my age, i want to keep all the hearing i have left for enjoying the grand kids! :{P
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    I wear a HJC symax3 modular helmet. It is the reason that I also wear ear plugs. My HJC 3/4 helmet with the face shield up is quieter as long as there is some sort of windshield on the bike, if no windshield then the 3/4 with the face shield down is still quieter than the Symax3 . The Symax3 is comfortable for me to wear for long rides and the ventilation is good but if it rains hard then some rain also runs down the inside of the face shield. This is my first modular helmet, I will look at other brands when replacement time comes around.
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    I have the IS Max II in white. I only used it for about 5 months, until I could get a good deal on a Shoei Neotec in large.

    Last week I tried on the new Neotec 2 and it felt too big. So I tried on a medium and it fit much better. It also might fit inside the frunk better.
    Will keep looking for one in a high-viz color or graphics for my next purchase.

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    I have had an IS max II for a couple of years and immediately bought the chin curtain and Pinlock lens. It's not really that great on comfort (hurts top of my head) or sound or ventilation (likely the top of my head blocks vent channels in foam). The best feature is using the controls with winter gloves is easy. Me and the wife have Bell vortex helmets also and i feel as if the Bell Revolver Evo is better quality but i have very little time wearing it.

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    Senior Member Questions on HJC 980-574 Max ll. Modular helmet ( and modular helmets in particular)
    Questions on HJC 980-574 Max ll. Modular helmet ( and modular helmets in particular)
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    HJC RPHA90. Replaced a Sy-maxIII just due to age. The new one is very light and has an excellent internal shield that covers the field of vision better than any other I’ve tried. You won’t need a second, darker shield. And the face shield locks down securely making a water tight, wind proof seal. Ear plugs are still the best bet - this helmet isn’t any quieter than any other modular I’ve worn - IMHO. Venting is very good. Price is competitive.

    BTW, If you’ve never had a pinlock shield, they are all they’re claimed to be.
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