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Thread: ATGATT ... really? I mean really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madison Sully View Post
    Question for the folks who say steel toe boots are a no-no.
    What sort of accident could happen in which the steel toe does damage, yet without the steel toe the foot would be less damaged?
    Are there any industry-accepted references about why not to use a steel toe boot, other than comfort issues?

    Not really interested in 'I was told' sort of references.

    Everything I see about dedicated riding boots says the toe box is solidly reinforced.
    Given that, I have to wonder what sort of reinforcement is superior to a steel toe.
    I have the same question.

    I was the first in this thread to mention it, but only because the MSA class I went to specifically forbid us from using them and because both of our instructors said they were dangerous. No explanation was given.

    Now that said, my wife and I both have reinforced motorcycle boots, but the toes are not particularly reinforced, at least no more so than any other pair of medium duty boots I own. The area of the motorcycle boots that seem to be reinforced -- other than a shifting pad on the toe -- is that our boots have CE rated pads on inside and outside of the ankles to help in a crushing injury if the foot is caught under a tipped over bike in addition to rigid heel protection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Madison Sully View Post
    What sort of accident could happen in which the steel toe does damage, yet without the steel toe the foot would be less damaged?
    Off the top of my head I would say a crushing injury. With a motorcycle boot the leather will just spring back into shape, relieving the pressure on the toes. That allows you to remove the boot and treat the injury ASAP. Steel would bend. And stay bent. Your toes would be literally in a steel clamp, crushed and bleeding while waiting for someone to show up with a hacksaw to cut the boot off. Ouch!

    The argument for is well, maybe with your toes in a steel box, you don't even get the injury. I kinda don't get the whole thing either....

    I will say around here steel toe boots would be brutal cold for late Fall early Spring riding.

    I also think "steel toe boots" means work boots to most people. Work boots often have laces (bad) and no protection for the type of foot/ankle injuries motorcyclists encounter (also bad). If a MC safety coach says "steel toe boots" are ok, then he/she runs the risk of everyone showing up with lace type, ankle high steel toe work boots and maybe one or two show up with a dedicated steel toe motorcycle boot (they are out there, usually at HD stores).

    I have a pair of high quality, over the ankle mid-calf steel toe boots that I wear when operating the chainsaw. I can't imagine wearing those heavy monsters while riding. Absolutely no feel at all and it is like my feet are in cement blocks. They feel like they weigh about 3x what my leather SIDI On Roads weigh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ld_rider View Post
    Off the top of my head I would say a crushing injury.
    You mean like the type of injury that steel toed boots are made to protect against?
    I'm really not trying to be pedantic here. I have some nice steel toed boots that go well above the ankles.
    As for crushing protection in the event something hits my toes, I believe the myth that steel toes will cause your toes to be stuck in a vice has been disproven.
    At least, in so far as it is a statistical likelihood. Broken necks from wearing a helmet, injury from seat belts, etc, and we still use those devices.

    The one thing I can imagine that my boots won't protect against but a dedicated motorcycle boot may, is crushing, from the SIDE, at a location where the soles aren't in a position to protect. I believe some or most motorcycle boots have something there (?).

    As for shifting feel, I've never had a shifty ride so I can't comment. Rear brake feel seems fine to me though.

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    I have a pair of Ariats that I bought to wear with khakis because they are very comfortable and were discounted a bunch! I don’t have an issue with feel while shifting. I can feel the click no problem. I’ve not ridden long distances in them, so cold has never been an issue as I’m not on the bike any more than 10-15 minutes going to/from work.

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    The reason I always cringe a little when riders think work boots or hiking boots are ATGATT is that when I was researching motorcycling injuries over a decade ago I noticed a large number of ankle injuries. Most non-MC boots don't offer the protection for ankles that MC boots will. Special bowl-shaped disks that go right over those bones.
    I know it sucks having to buy yet another pair of boots (or 2 if you ride in the summer and winter), but there are plenty of price points for boots.

    I used to wear regular hightops if I was going to a concert or someplace where I'd have to be on my feet for a long time, or not look like a storm trooper, or just being able to put all my gear in my tiny locker at the gym.
    So I got a pair of Sidi hightops. They look like Vans or Converse but offer much more protection and are still something I can walk around in. They are lace up, which I don't really like, but it's almost impossible to find cool, stylish MC boots that aren't lace up. So I just wear my jeans that are longer in the legs, which covers the laces while riding, so they don't get caught up in my pegs.

    Which takes me to my next purchase- riding jeans. I've got riding pants but they just take too long to get on and off when just doing a short ride to work or close by. My new jacket has belt loops at the bottom of both sides on the back, so will keep utilizing them to keep my wist protected. I went down many years ago at 60 mph and the only injury I had was a big strawberry at my waist. My regular jeans had slid down as I was doing a Superman down the road. The road rash didn't heal for a long time. Not fun having to have a wound electrically cauterized in the emergency room.

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    I crashed my KLR two weeks ago after coming around a blind corner and finding a wet, wooden bridge. Bike disappeared from under me before I knew what happened.

    KLR hooked on the bridge runner and went straight down the bridge and skidded to a stop down the road. I skipped off the side of the bridge and flew into the creek bottom below. Took an incredibly lucky landing and was able to hop right up.

    Had on:

    Bell full face helmet
    Klim Induction Jacket
    Klim Fifty One Jeans (got scuffed)
    Klim Dakar Pro Gloves (got torn)
    Icon 1000 Elsinore boots

    I ended up with sore left clavicle, sore right rotator, both wrists sprained, huge hematoma on left shoulder, medium hematoma on right elbow, pulled right pec muscle, left knee swollen, right knee took most of the damage from impact with significant swelling. Had I not been wearing armored Klim jeans, I believe I would have been in the ER with possible surgery/rehab after for my right knee.

    Two weeks later, all the pain and bruising is just about gone.

    Had I been in shorts and t-shirt, I'd be getting my physical therapy lined up right now probably, if not surgery.

    Really drove home ATGATT for me.
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    I would like to refer everyone to my sig line. It's a rule that applies to every situation: motorcycles, beaches, parties, funerals, etc...
    "Roads are just a suggestion, like pants."

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