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Thread: Cannot stop buying jackets.

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    Man, I was wondering if I was the only one with a jacket fetish. I started out with a Cortech and First Gear jaunt that was kind of a gift. Neither fit me quite right and as a new rider, I wasn't exactly sure of what I wanted in my ideal jacket so I made due until I figured it out.

    For me, a Scorpion Yosemite is almost perfect. I don't really use either liner it came with, I prefer to layer with a few different fleece options when it's cold. It has a lot of direct vents so I can open them while I'm moving and the air penetrates the fleece. I still get a little bit of cold creeping in somewhere so I bought a windproof fleece as an option too. When it's hot, it vents like you're wearing a screen door. You can fold down the entire back panel too, if it's really toasty. It came with Sas Tech level 2 armor and I added the level 2 back pad as well. It's all very comfortable.

    I also have an Olympia mesh jacket I've had for a while that is great when it's just hot and is going to stay hot, but in 90% of my riding scenarios the Scorpion will be ideal.

    I also succumbed and bought an Alpine Stars Andes that I prefer for cold rides. No cold air gets in, and the collar is just big enough I can wear a neck gaiter to block everything out. That's how I justified buying it anyway, maybe I have a jacket fetish, I dunno.

    So anyway, the Scorpion and the A Stars cover 98% of my riding and very happy with both of them.

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    Senior Member Cannot stop buying jackets.
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    I'm pretty overrepresented as far as gear goes...

    I have 2 pairs of Sidi Crossfire SRS (an original and a 2)
    Sidi Mag1
    Sidi Vortice
    Sidi ST
    Daytona Road Star GTX
    Daytona Security Evo

    maybe some others too...

    as far as gloves go, I've worn out a couple pairs lately (Helimots at that) but still have half a dozen pairs

    Jackets/pants? I guess I have the Aerostich, 4 1 piece leather suits, 2 leather jacket/pant combos, another jacket, 2 dirt/SM jackets, 2 SM pants

    probably forgetting some things too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottHump View Post
    Man, I was wondering if I was the only one with a jacket fetish.
    I started with a first gear Kilamanjaro. Then added another first gear, then a first gear mesh. I finally went with Aerostich. first class. I can wear it until it gets up in the 90's. Even then I can wear it if I stay out of the city.

    I don't think there is a perfect jacket. You have to choose the best you can for the conditions you anticipate.

    I still break out the kilamanjaro from time to time.
    Dance as if no one is watching.

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    Senior Member Cannot stop buying jackets.
    Cannot stop buying jackets.
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    Umm, I don’t think it’s the’s the handsome dude with the three day beard and Ray Bans... I look more like that guy with every jacket I buy.

    (At last count I’m up to five. And I’ve lost 50 pounds and look 20 years younger.
    Chicks dig me)
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    Iím supposed to respect my elders, but itís getting harder and harder for me to find one now ..

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    I have 3 jackets. First I got a gray mesh one, then got hit by a truck so I got a hi-vis textile one. Was hot in summer so I got a hi-vis mesh one. Mesh won't provide a lot of protection but it keeps the sun off me while allowing wind flow, visibility & holding the armor in place. If it's cold but I want to ride I wear Dickies insulated coveralls with a bright orange vest over it. Much warmer than my jackets with liners but, no armor. $85-$94. Black, tan or navy.

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    Since Ive had multiple brands, I had multiple motorcycle mfgr branded jackets.

    Smartened up a couple years ago, sold em all and have a Klim now.
    It breathes, yet I have a gortex liner from a previous jacket for cooler or wet weather.

    Maybe not the BMW Rallet-3 quality I had - but waaaay lighter and less bulky.

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    I think almost everyone goes through a phase of buying all types of riding gear. From my personal experience, what I have found is investing in upper-level gear is the way to go. What I mean is brands like Rev'It, Dianese, upper-level Alpinestars, Klim, etc...

    What they offer over budget brands is the quality, materials, features, performance, fit, and small details tends to be alot better than the more inexpensive brands....and it should, especially at some of the prices they want for a pair of pants or jacket. By investing in 1 or 2 high-spec gear reduces the needs for other gear. At least from my experience. I sold off or gave away most all of my old stuff and stick with Rev'It and Klim only, and only own a few pieces from each that covers me from super cold to super hot, dry and wet.

    Buy gear on holiday weekends or at the end of the year to really save some money. That's what I do.

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