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Thread: How to buy a helmet?

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    How to buy a helmet?

    I'm shopping for new helmet. I have couple of models on my list but the problem is I can't test them. I went to two local dealerships and they don't allow to take them "for a ride". And, because of my tinnitus, I need something really QUITE.
    So, I wonder how you shop for new helmet? Any website you trust with reviews?

    [Edited on May 21st 2018] P.S. I use earplugs so please, recommending me to use earplugs doesn't help to my question "How you shop for new helmet (since you can't take it out on a test ride)?"
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    I always wear earplugs so all my helmets have been quiet. I know that doesn’t answer your question but I don’t buy helmets for quietness but for comfort and features.


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    I agree with dduelin. The first few rides were without earplugs and my ears would ring when I finished the ride. I purchased a set of NoNoise earplugs and haven't had an issue since. I can still hear what is going on around me except now the wind noise is gone. Wish I would have used them to begin with.

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    It would be interesting if someone with hearing sensitivity could make a recommendation for you. I don't know if you have tried any high end ear plugs. I see them at some of the motorcycle shows. They range from a custom fit silicone to fancy ones with replaceable filters used by musicians. Not sure if one of those would help you. I have had my custom earplugs since the 90's so it has been a good investment for me. If you can separate the ear plugs from the helmet it may open up more helmet options for you. Free internet ideas good luck

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    Never found a helmet quiet enough to avoid wearing earplugs. The reference in quietness is Schuberth, but even their top end is going to be noisy enough on long rides to damage your earing, unless you limit your speed and let all aeration closed.

    In short : earplugs.
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    How to buy a helmet?

    I bought a C3 Pro for comfort and the claimed noise reduction. It IS a quiet helmet, but as everyone has said you still need earplugs to protect your hearing.

    Candidly, I’d recommend getting a set of custom plugs from an audiologist. You’ll spend about $100 or so, but they’ll be custom fit, extremely comfortable, and will kill noise without blocking music or voice if you use any helmet comms.

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    The user reviews and Revzilla's reviews are good... I have found them to give a good indication of sizes and features. I am in Canada, so I have never ordered from them but apparently they have a great return policy.
    You will never find somewhere that will let you use the gear first... it will have to remain unused. So all you are going to be able to tell is initial fit.

    From Fortnine: Helmets & Apparel: Any merchandise which has been 'taken out for a ride' is considered used and cannot be returned. We encourage you to walk on your carpet if trying boots or to wear your helmet indoors before heading out on the bike.
    From Revzilla: All Products must be returned in unused, unworn, unridden condition.

    Go with a full face, non-modular if your primary concern is noise. Generally, they more you pay the better they get (weight, comfort, features, noise). Always wear ear protection.

    I also like Webbikeworld - Helmet Reviews - If anything they generally give a good review of the item with details and pictures.
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    I've been using Aqua Ears for a couple of years. They work fine, easy to put in and take out and washable. Note: Walmart stocks the same item under a different brand name now.

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    I have long success with Etymotic ER20 plugs, also called ETY plugs. But the quietness of the helmet still makes a difference.

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    Unfortunately, my last 2 modular helmets (HJC IS Max II and Shoei Neotec) have started to give a pinching feeling to the top of my forehead after about an hour on the highway.
    I suppose you could try on the helmet and watch a movie at home...

    I loved my Shoei GT-Air and might switch from a modular back to a full-face if they ever come out with a new design that is more to my taste- less black, more high viz graphics.

    I also have thought about getting thicker foam pads to tighten the sides up a little; maybe that would help quiet things down if you've got excess noise?

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