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Thread: Nite Ize Figure 9 rope tightener - seriously, just go buy them

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    Nite Ize Figure 9 rope tightener - seriously, just go buy them

    I was looking for a small ratchet tie down to store in my bag for an upcoming trip - mainly to use on the ferry.

    I took a walk through Harbor Freight looking for ideas and came across these:

    Figure 9 Rope Tightener, Large with Camo Rope, Black Finish

    It is the best tie down I have ever used. I added a velcro loop to secure the rope and it is a very compact, light and and secure to carry around.

    (I recommend buying a pack of Velcro cable ties... they are immensely useful to have around the house - link HERE)

    Manufacturer page here: Figure 9 Large (I bought the one that includes the 10ft of camo rope)

    I regret not buying a couple more to keep in the cars and garage. I will be buying more next time I go but probably will go with the smaller size. MEC has a 4 pack of the "small" size with 4x8ft rope for $11 CAD -
    Nite Ize Figure 9 Tent Line Kit

    Nite Ize seems to be a pretty popular brand out there - shouldn't be hard to find at an outdoor supply store, amazon, etc.
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    I'm a hopeless gadget whore and Nite Ize makes a lot of my favorites. Gear ties, Keyracks, flashlights, KnotBones, CamJams...the list goes on. Good stuff!!

    I got that same Figure 9 at HF too...very handy tool. I used it to stretch my center stand spring enough to get it over the hook.

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    Junior Member Nite Ize Figure 9 rope tightener - seriously, just go buy them
    Nite Ize Figure 9 rope tightener - seriously, just go buy them
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    My local Home Depot has an entire end cap in the tool department with the whole range of Nite Ize products. Extremely useful gadgets.

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