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Thread: Another new NC750X review

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Can Ride View Post
    I just wonder if Honda is going to bring the NC750 to the USA this year. Honda still shows the 2014 NC700 on their website. Usually they announce their new year lineup about this time in September.
    Not likely anytime soon. I do not think that we here in the US will be seeing the NC750X or other 750 versions of the US models anytime soon. Here's why. Both the EPA and CARB (California Air Resource Board) guidelines for emission standards must be met and "Certifed". It cost a "Boat Load" of money to do all the testing required to meet all the already ridicules requirements and standards. Once the engine family has met all these requirements, only then the 750cc models will be arriving on US soil.

    An optimistic guess would be for the 2016 model year. I cannot wait that long. I love NaNCy and here 670cc engine.
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    ... old thread, but here we are in 2018 with the 750 finally coming to the US in mid-year. Yay!

    Cager, I enjoy your vids. You're not a technical reviewer but you communicate your impressions when riding better than most. Keep it up.

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