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Thread: No Lefty Go Lefty Motorcycle Giveaway

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    No Lefty Go Lefty Motorcycle Giveaway

    Could you please post these links that will explain what this motorcycle giveaway is about. A used 2013 NC700X-DCT is being offered free of charge to an honorably discharged disabled U.S. Veteran. The giveaway is being handled by Starr Cycle of North Mankato Minnesota. It has the support and backing of the Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota, The Military Order of the Purple Heart Organization, and the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center. Click on the links below for the full posting. Spread the word of this giveaway, lets find the right rider for this moto.

    Starr Cycle Motorcycle Giveaway for Veterans -

    2013 Honda NC700X DCT ABS Motorcycles North Mankato Minnesota 0000

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    That is a great givaway. I am a disabled vet myself (I don't qualify because I still have my left foot and no purple heart). But I knew several soldiers when I was in the Medical hold company that rode and probably did not after they got out. Now 30 years later Honda has a fantastic solution for them. If fact, if it had been my left foot that got hurt instead of the right, I would have bought the DCT because while I can push the brake down, I would not be able to pull the shifter up. Kudos to Starr Cycle for doing this and the bike looks great for over 50k miles.

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