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Thread: New Africa Twin = Home Run?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Can Ride View Post
    One of the best things I ever learned from our navy friend, Fuzzy, is the Tutoro chain oiler. The rear rim still needs cleaning, but the oiler sure cuts down to time spent on the chain.
    And you've been kind enough to pass that along, it was on your recommendation that I looked into a Tutoro and I've had one on my NC for years now, great product that I recommend to anyone with a chain

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    I have to be honest, the new 2020 w/ 6+ gallon tank, electronic cruise control, TFT colored screen, DCT, spoke rims and tubeless tires makes me think of trading up. My NC only has 50,000 miles so there is a lot of life left in it....But....I really like this new AT.

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    My current Africa Twin only has 26,000 miles due the heath problems I ran into the last 2 years. However, I know beyond any shadow of a doubt I am selling my current Africa Twin for the new 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT. I have been on the roads to the ends of Alaska (the known world) and seen the BMW’s with the bad shaft drives being hauled back to Fairbanks for the $1500 fee. These bikes then had to be flown back to the US cities for repairs, another $1500. So, I can live with the 525 chain....
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    I'm done with tall heavy bikes. I am of the school of thought that if I can't pick it up then I shouldn't be riding it. I am 5'8" and as such I accept that the AT is now too tall for me. I am also finding that lighter bikes are much more fun. Sure the NC is comparable weight wise but it carries that weight waaay lower down.
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