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Thread: Bikes you "lust" after but probably will never buy?

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    They haven't made it yet
    It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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    Senior Member Bikes you "lust" after but probably will never buy?
    Bikes you "lust" after but probably will never buy?
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    For me the problem is they KEEP making them

    Iím supposed to respect my elders, but itís getting harder and harder for me to find one now ..

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    The new 2020 Harley Lowrider. I wanted the 2016, but prices for a 3 year old bike are the same as this one will be new. I want it, but won't commute on it so the NC will have to stay. It doesn't make sense to own 3 project cars and two motorcycles...but I won't give up a car for the bike.

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    The 2016 would definitely be a better option! Pre-Milwaukee Eight.

    I don't know that I would invest a single dollar in anything with the Milwaukee Eight engine. They don't seem to have all the issues worked out of them yet. Sumping/fluid migration problems. That's why you see so many of them with stupid low miles for sale. Example story is one guy had a 2018 Street Glide, had the primary fluid migration problem, Harley kept jerkin him around on it, ended up trading it in (I'm sure at a nice loss) on a 2018 Road Glide (same identical bike except for the front fairing), put several thousand miles on it with zero problems. Its like some of them do it, some of them don't. Involves something like splitting the cases and installing an aftermarket clutch rod. But who would want to pay for that to be done on a bike still under warranty with 1-2k miles on it? I always seen the Street Glide as my dream bike, broke down and bought one earlier this year. Had it about 2 months. But I went with the older 2014 Project Rushmore model with 103 twin cam engine because they had a significantly better track record than the M8 engines. Was a nice bike til one of the hard bags fell off going down the road and got trashed, lucked up and found used replacement for $350. Tried to get Harley to cover it (new bag was $1k) as there was a recall on the fasteners that held the bags on. I started a claim with HD corporate, they said they weren't going to cover it. Wrote them a 2 page letter elaborating further, they called me, said original decision not to cover still stands. I lost it. Said it was my first and about to be my last Harley, and hung up.

    Harley sucks, I'll never own another one, bet my life savings on that. Lol

    Sure was a beautiful machine tho.

    After the bag fell off, I was waiting to get a replacement, out riding with some friends on my Nomad while the Harley sat at home, and a friend on Street Glide lost HIS bag on the interstate! Here we are parked in construction zone waiting on him to walk 1/4 mile back and pick his bag up off the side of the road. Crazy stuff. Junk motorcycles.

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    Honda X-ADV, apparently.

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    Senior Member Bikes you "lust" after but probably will never buy? FezUSA's Avatar
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    I like the 'other' Triumph Rocket 3 that is set up for touring, although I'd have to try the two different seating/foot positions. Price is surprisingly not as bad as I thought it would be.

    The MV price for what you get makes it a challenge, and after having a Honda I wonder if I've been spoiled with reliability!! Not exactly a DCT, but maybe close enough?!! But it has looks covered for sure!! MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS

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