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Thread: Lane-splitting, is this allowed?

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    Fixed Idea Lane-splitting, is this allowed?
    Lane-splitting, is this allowed?
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    I would be scared to do it because of how poorly people drive up here, and the fact that since it's never been legal, means that it usually freaks the heck out of car drivers, which can lead to bad consequences.

    I know I have occasionally slowly "filtered" to the front along with many other bikers who do it when traffic is at a dead stop, but I nearly jumped out of my skin once, when some dude with an unbaffled Suzuki TL1000 twin blasted in between me and the car next to me, while going down the street in my 4X4.

    I was all WTF! Holy crap! and I *love* motorcycles.
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    Since I decided to buy a new bike about a month ago, I've watched tons of videos. Many reviews of the NC750X.
    It is amazing to me to watch those overseas lane-split. They really are cutting off (taking their spot in line) the car owners and I am amazed that those drivers remain calm and give them room.
    I don't think that would work the same in the US. Here in NM you can piss drivers off simply by looking at them and if you made an aggressive move and jumped in front of them it's only a matter of time before you were squashed. Or shot. Or both. JMO.

    Edit: wow what a thread dredge. Just noticed.

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    I have seen lane splitting in California and it works well. The drivers are use to it and as long as the biker is not doing 110 through traffic already going 60 I don't see much problem. I think that speed limits must be observed as well as speed differentials. They have considered it here in AZ and admittedly many drivers are in compete mode all the time but allowing in certain areas where the carpool lane stops daily I see no problem.

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    In Iowa lane splitting/sharing is not allowed for safety reason. But helmets are not required?!?!?!?
    But, I would be more than happy if they will allow me, at the red light, to split between carst to the front. Don't need to split the lanes while cars moving. Now, when at the red light, I don't move forward but "park" on the line between lanes - in case the %$#^%$#$^#^$ driver in the car behind me is checking his phone and don't see me.

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    I've watched videos of riders lane-splitting at high speed in stopped traffic. All it takes is one person to open their door & send the rider to the E.R. & total the bike. I wouldn't lane-split if it were legal but if I did I'd go maybe 10 mph max. If you watch lines of stopped traffic you sometimes see at least one person open their door to pour out a drink, flick a booger, whatever. I doubt they check their mirrors first.

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    About 1980 I rode from my Ohio college to Seattle and down the coast to Los Angeles on a BMW 900RS for a 6 month co-op. As I came into the Los Angeles basin, my first thought was no way can I live with breathing this air. Saw many motorcyclists without helmets and splitting lanes. Thought I would never do that. A couple days later, I didn't notice the pollution any more, no helmet and splitting lanes.

    Have to say, I loved it! While the traffic volume was much less then than it is now, it is delightful to be able to always be moving. But I did it at all speeds, to my own self set limit of 75 mph (previously 95 mph standard).

    It is not specifically legal in CA, but the position of the CHP is that it is not dangerous and does not need to be ticketed - they do it too. I've never heard of a municipality in CA ticketing lane splitting either. I don't do it here in Ohio because no one would expect it, and I'd get a lot of flack. Tempted sometimes, but the most I will do is a right turn from the shoulder occasionally.

    In a mind bending shift, CA now requires helmets despite a strong lobby protest, and Ohio does not. Have to say, I still like riding with no helmet. But I'm extra aware of my mortality for that reason and am cautious. It hurts a lot more to have an accident now than when I was in my twenties.

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    this thread lives, I suppose the moral of the thread is- you don't miss what you never had. At my age if I couldn't split, I wouldn't own a bike. Riding is fun/rewarding largely because I don't have to wait in traffic. Bike insurance cost the same, registration cost the same, maintenance is more and tire cost are through the roof. Having only ridden in Ca., I'de rather not bake in the sun, sitting on top of a hot motor waiting in line with cars
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