Glad you solved the puzzle.

I brought an Elite 80 scooter back from the grave a few years ago. After getting it running good I replaced the CVT drive belt and after getting it all back together it would not start. No spark. To R & R the drive belt it was necessary to remove the flywheel/stator. Honda specifies a special tool for this but I fabricated my own. I was proud of myself for making my own 'special tool'. It used two threaded holes in the flywheel to hold it with a long flat bar so the big crankshaft nut could be removed. After much trouble shooting and a few new ignition system parts and no spark I started taking it back apart. The rotor was open circuit when it should have had some resistance but how could that be when it wasn't damaged before removing the flywheel? Turns out one of the bolts in the tool I made was too long and contacted the wire-wrapped rotor, ruining it.

After removing the flywheel I found one of the bolts I used to thread into the flywheel to hold it was a few mm too long and I ruined the copper wire-wound rotor that resided behind the flywheel.